Chandra's Revolution


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Common

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Chandra's Revolution


Chandra's Revolution deals 4 damage to target creature. Tap target land. That land doesn't untap during its controller's next untap step.

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Chandra's Revolution Discussion

Jagd_Tallgeese on Department of Dwarven Motor Vehicles

2 months ago

Tried the deck at a standard event at my local LGS, and ended up finishing a soul crushing 1-3. First opponent was Temur energy, splashing in white for the Saheeli Rai + Felidar Guardian combo. Lost 2-0, but after a wild finish in the second game as they where forced spend 11 energy to kill Consulate Dreadnought with a Harnessed Lightning, and then had to hard cast Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger. Lost 2-0 to another R/W vehicles, and 2-0 by a U/W control. Last round, won out against a B/G delirium. Fumigate is being placed in the sideboard in favor of 2 Built to Last and 1 Chandra's Revolution.

gemyniraptor86 on UR Energy Control

2 months ago

While I like the land lock on Chandra's Revolution, Maybe Flame Lash is a better option as its costs the same, does the same damage, can hit the player and is instant speed.

also, should invest in Wandering Fumarole and Spirebluff Canal. the Man-land is especially helpful as you can still use Aethersquall Ancient and then activate Fumarole after the bounce to connect more damage.

for a SB I'd consider things like Summary Dismissal and Disallow. Dismissal can stop a combo effect from firing by clearing triggers off the stack while Disallow can lock up Planeswalkers, Man-lands, triggered abilities ect. a single or pair of either would be helpful.

Also, you really should be using Harnessed Lightning if youa re using Energy as a main source, you can target a creature you don't want to do any damage t and just store the EEE for later use on your other consumers, meanwhile is an effective creature removal and can even get better in long games as you other producers can feed it more E to kill bigger things.

hope this was helpful

Fevered Visions is great in the mirror match as its hard to interact with, it keeps damage up and keeps you in card advantage.

kremlinstorm on control burn

3 months ago

sobektheblack Thanks for the comment! I am definitely going to get Shock in there, but if I took out the tempers, I would probably also get rid of the lightning axes, even though I really like that combo. I think i'd replace the axes with Chandra's Revolution.

Scrib.Nibbler on Kari Zev's Armada

3 months ago

Firstly, we need to address your mana base. 17 land is way too low, I'd shoot for about 24. Include a playset of Inspiring Vantage to smooth things out early game, maybe a few copies of Aether Hub.

Moving up the mana ramp, you have no one drops at all. I'd recommend 3-4 each of Toolcraft Exemplar and Thraben Inspector. Good both early and late game, generally. Maybe a few copies of Inventor's Apprentice.

Veteran Motorist is a bomb two drop in Boros colors. Speedway Fanatic and Gearshift Ace are alright.

Renegade Wheelsmith is a good way to open someone up for some damage. I would ditch Caught in the Brights, Hungry Flames, and probably Pia's Revolution in lieu of Harnessed Lightning and possibly Declaration in Stone/Stasis Snare as good removal. I would switch a copy of Kari Zev, Skyship Raider for a copy of Depala, Pilot Exemplar. 3 copies of a legendary is a good rule of thumb.

Ditch Chandra's Revolutionand Demolish. Fleetwheel Cruiser is a good vehicle to slot in, and Start Your Engines is alright. Maybe throw in your Chandra, Torch of Defiance and Heart of Kiran.

Boros colors are very strong in Standard right now, and what you have is the groundwork of a good deck. Happy building.

golgarigirl on AER Pre Release Pool - Opinions?

3 months ago

Thanks! That's always helpful, to see what you saw while building the deck, and see if there's anything else you pinpointed as strong along the way. Admittedly, this pool isn't the greatest, but one thing I really like about prereleases is you can make some really amazing decks out of what seems like the most hopeless pile.

I agree with your Red for sure...Kari Zev, Skyship Raider, Quicksmith Rebel, and Sweatworks Brawler are all strong pulls pushing you into the color, and the removal in Shock, Chandra's Revolution, and Destructive Tampering only help.

I see the appeal in the Black for more removal and evasion (and honestly, I did the same in my prerelease pool, after all...), but I feel like with the card pool you have, a bit of menace and Unlicensed Disintegration is not really enough to pull me in.

I think I would have attempted Green. Between providing energy to power your Territorial Gorger, and a Riparian Tiger (which, honestly, is better than most of the rares you can get out of the prerelease packs), those make for an excellent high end that can't be accidentally stymied by an artifact-light deck (as my Fen Hauler often was). Aside from all the energy cards, Scrounging Bandar is surprisingly good. I don't know how much use you got out of your vehicles in practice, but I feel like the Daredevil Dragster is good enough to include as well, if for nothing other than eliminating a few chumps and drawing some cards, maybe in place of the Irontread Crusher, depending on how many 3-power creatures you ended up with. Natural Obsolescence is actually worth considering in this format, given how common artifacts are.

One thing to look at in upcoming prereleases is the potential for a 3-color deck/a color splash. That depends on if there are a.) multicolor lands (none in this set) and b) other fixing (in this set Prophetic Prism and Renegade Map) in your pool. But here, we didn't really have that opportunity.

j_reed92 on AER Pre Release Pool - Opinions?

3 months ago

golgarigirl - I thought red was strong with menace creatures, Lathnu Sailback for something big, and removal with Shock, Chandra's Revolution and Destructive Tampering. Black had more menace and Fen Hauler as a big creature with artifact evasion as well as more removal with Die Young and access to Unlicensed Disintegration. I nearly opted for white over black because of Caught in the Brights. I liked the flyers I had in blue but didn't think it was a strong colour otherwise. I think that I misjudged green at the time as I saw removal in the other colours.