Sek'Kuar, Deathkeeper: Wipe Board, Win Game

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Year Built: 2014

Power Level: 5/10

Beginner friendly?: No

Fun Level : 8/10

"Wipe Board, Win Game", revolves around creating tokens after non-token creatures are destroyed.

  1. Have multiple permanents, that can create tokens upon the death of a creature in play
  2. A person playing this deck will then either cast their own board wipe, or sometimes your opponent do it for you.
  3. In response, or prior to a board wipe, turn all lands into non-token creatures.
  4. For every creature you controlled destroyed this way, you will create 3/1 tokens with haste, as well as any other tokens.
  5. Your opponents will be left with no creatures and no lands.
  6. GG
1. Poor timed land animation spell 2. Opponents have indestructible 3. Only have one token generator in play during win attempt.


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