Faithless Salvaging

Faithless Salvaging


Discard a card, then draw a card.

Rebound (If you cast this spell from your hand, exile it as it resolves. At the beginning of your next upkeep, you may cast this card from exile without paying its mana cost.)

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Faithless Salvaging Discussion

NTakamura on Help with historic managorger Phoenix …

2 weeks ago

This historic deck is focused on getting Arclight PhoenixandManagorger Phoenixin the graveyard to reanimate them. Some outlets to do this are Dragon's Rage Channeler and Faithless Salvaging. There is some devotion element in this deck to bring out Managorger Phoenix. Would like your opinion on this deck and if there are any improvements that can be made. I would like to keep Managorger Phoenixin the deck because he is the whole reason I built this deck. It has some burn to move the game forward as well.

All hail the Phoenix

hungry000 on 8-Ball Elementals ($25)

1 month ago

ronald323 Faithless Looting was actually banned in Modern a couple years ago. It's an extremely powerful card that enabled a lot of archetypes back in the day, so much so that not even its less powerful cousin Careful Study was reprinted in the latest Modern Horizons set.

These days, the best replacements for Looting are Merchant of the Vale and Faithless Salvaging . I prefer Merchant in this deck because you can use it to discard an Skelemental on turn 1 into Thunderkin Awakener on turn 2.

Gattison on Almost Broke The Format, Until …

2 months ago

What about instead of the Drannith Bros. you used something like Cunning Survivor and a " rummage " effect?

  1. something like Faithless Salvaging , Epiphany Storm
  2. or make use of creatures that rummage on ETB like Fissure Wizard (fun card name to say lol)
  3. or Flux
  4. Krovikan Sorcerer 's second ability looks kinda promising
  5. Mental Discipline is not a creature, but would need lots of mana. Oona's Grace would also be repeatable once it hits your graveyard, but it's still mana-hungry.
  6. Also note that if your use Brainstorm you could set up your draw, allowing you to use all the blue spells that draw THEN discard like Zephyr Scribe

That's all I could think of so far. Does that help inspire anybody, or am I reaching like usual? Maybe cram it all together and with all that draw you're bound to get Cunning Survivor in a reasonable amount of time?

golgarigirl on Spells that come back

2 months ago

Endless Cockroaches !!

Also I don't know if this counts for your purposes, but it might give you some additional effects/options even if it's not exactly your about Rebound spells like Faithless Salvaging ? If this is something that seriously interests you, Taigam, Ojutai Master will give it to all your instants/sorceries.

zapyourtumor on BR madness

3 months ago

Cathartic Reunion could be new Faithless Looting since looting is banned. Faithless Salvaging is definitely worse than looting in most decks but here it could basically be a draw 2

nUKe13 on nUKe13 Mardu Pyromancer

3 months ago

JacenSolo29 as far as the next update goes, I’m waiting to see if there is anything else that drops from MH2, but I think we have the complete list now.

My first impressions are:

1) Faithless Salvaging - this works better than Thrill of Possibility since it can be cast on an empty hand and the rebound can’t be caught by hand disruption. Instant is nice if we really do want to cast on opponent’s end step. Then, if we draw an instant, we can cast with rebound on the stack to get full value.

2) Prismatic Ending - I personally really REALLY like this. Great against aggro, Humans, Jund, Ponza, Death's Shadow (minus Gurmag Angler ). See (

3) Damn - again, LOVE IT! Definitely love the versatility, but I don’t know if it would replace Dreadbore (hits PWs), Fatal Push (instant and cheaper), or Engineered Explosives (can be triggered at instant speed and can be cheaper). Definitely a consideration for spots that previously included Damnation or Wrath of God .

4) General Ferrous Rokiric - I personally really like this. Immune to most removal (specifically EFFICIENT removal) such as Lightning Bolt , Path to Exile , Fatal Push , and Cryptic Command bouncing it. If you play a lot of multicolor spells, like Kolaghan's Command , Kaya's Guile , Kaya, Orzhov Usurper , Nahiri, the Harbinger , Dreadbore / Terminate , and Lightning Helix , then you definitely benefit from having this.

5) Dragon's Rage Channeler - this has a Magmatic Channeler feel to it and couples well with the graveyard-centric focus. If you opt for utility ARTIFACTS, like Mishra's Bauble , Damping Sphere , or Engineered Explosives , ENCHANTMENTS, like Blood Moon , or PLANESWALKERS, like Liliana of the Veil or any of the previously mentioned PWs, then you have an even easier time to activate Delirium. You do have to attack every turn, but having flying as evasion is really nice. Surveil is good if we start running more Flashback spells, like more Lingering Souls or Smiting Helix .

6) Void Mirror - TRON HATE FTW! This would compete with Damping Sphere as far as utility goes, but still really REALLY nice.

7) Obsidian Charmaw - OMG there are SO many Tron hate cards in this set, and I LOVE it. If Tron or Eldrazi Tron get more popular through all the hate from this set, then this would be great to add create a clock.

8) Vindicate - old EDH tech being added to Modern. I like the idea of destroying anything, but sorcery speed and 3 cmc, with everything else that has come into the game (and power creep), makes me unsure of its power. Could be what we need, but 3cmc is already crowded in the list.

9) Flame Blitz - UW/x, Jund, and maybe Tron typically run more PWs, so if we forgo running PWs, ourselves, then this serves as an extremely cheap PW hate card. Cycling is nice if we draw it and the opponent has side boarded out a majority of their PWs.

10) Harmonic Prodigy - if we bring back Young Pyromancer , add in Dark Confidant , and focus on Prowess, then I think this would rather have a home in a Feather, the Redeemed /spell-slinger deck. Still, it would be ok here, with the high spell count we run.

11) Sanctifier en-Vec - I don’t think we want to use this... definitely expect it in Burn or D&T lists against us.

12) Dauthi Voidwalker - now THIS we can use. Basically Sanctifier en-Vec , but unilateral hate and can help against Dredge or other recursion based decks. I like that we can sac on targeted removal and cast one of their spell(s). can conflict with our spells, but we are usually ok. If we get Blood Moon ed, we can usually laugh it off and power through it.

13) Bone Shards - in the primer, I’ve indicated that Mardu Pyro has different variants (spells/grave, PW, and Aristocrat/tokens). I feel this would slot nicely into an token deck, along with Village Rites , Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger , and Afterlife creatures.

14) Fury - at first glance, I’ve been conflicted. Seems ok as protection from aggro strategies, but I wish it had either 1 more toughness, did more damage, hit players, or cost less. It just seems... meh... I’m skeptical, but I’ve definitely been proven wrong before, so I’ll keep my mind open.

15) Mine Collapse - great if we run a bit more heavy on lands and run late. Too bad it doesn’t hit players though... a common theme from cards this set.

16) Arcbound Whelp / Esper Sentinel /Knighted Myr - another idea that has come to fruition from this set is Mardu Affinity. No, we won’t tech for Hardened Scales , but the removal suite that we run, in addition to these new artifact creatures (and lands!) is tempting enough to test some brews.

I hope this gives an idea of what we could change for the deck. The list was roughly done in the order of what we would tech in to the current build, but anything is possible! Let me know what you all think.

Edit: some of the cards (Knighted Myr, Mine Collapse, and Bone Shards) did not have the links set up in TappedOut as of the time of this post, so I do apologize for that.