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Ghetto = dumpster-diving budget

Flightless = can block, but no can actually soar over

Ghidorah = Godzilla's 3-headed nemesis

The Three Craniums of This Deck:

Choosing Group Hug enchantments like Rites of Flourishing and Heartbeat of Spring over such “only I benefit” ones such as Exploration, Mana Reflection helps to keep the total cost of this deck in budget range. I transferred R of F from another deck, Heartbeat was a nice cheap way to go... The 3 best ramp spells in here would probably be Summer Bloom, Argothian Elder, and Skyshroud Claim.
There’s a few spells with the “ferocious” keyword/mechanic: Wild Slash, Feed the Clan, Crater's Claws. Strongarm Monk et al can ensure at least 1 of your creatures has power 4 or greater to activate ferocious effects.
Rooting Kavu, sacrificed with Reckless Abandon, will combo nicely with Life Goes On and/or Gravetiller Wurm. Liege of the Hollows would be an excellent sac to pay Decimator of the Provinces’s emerge cost. Creatures with enhanced power to sac for Greater Good card draw include: Soulsurge Elemental, Ondu Greathorn, Nearheath Stalker.

Room for improvements:

1.) As with many of my decks, this one needs more lands & less creatures. Problem is, to keep it cheap, we are avoiding expensive dual lands and mana rocks.... Help?

2.) Counterspell protection is definitely a good idea (thank you for suggesting Guttural Response, Onlytruereject). May try to get more of that happening.

3.) Only have Enlightened Tutor in here for fetching so far, could use a couple more tutor spells I think.


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