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Honestly, I feel like I've been on a journey with Catti-brie of Mithral Hall the magic card. At first glance I thought, that's a pretty lame effect, but I've always liked the character from the old Forgotten Realms stories, so how can I make this work? Then after brewing a deck with random cards I had, I came to really appreciate her design. And the key is deathtouch.

Getting Basilisk Collar or another deathtouch giver gidget gives Catti not only the classic fist strike/deathtouch combo, but you also have reach, and you also have that ability to throw around deathtouching damage, which is really great because it doesn't take a tap. The key is to give her counters but not keep counters on her, and I really like the flavor of that play. It's like you are loading up arrows in her quiver and she is tossing them around the field, taking creatures off and out.

Goad effects are really neat here to force attacks and then get their guys hit by Catti-brie of Mithral Hall and there are a few tricks in here to get counters on, or to protect creatures, but for the most part it's pretty straight forward. Green and white should have ramp to keep Catti on the field, protect her, toss around damage, punish and control creature decks. It's an aggressive deck that really wants to be attacking most of the time and getting as many bodies on the field as you can.

Note This deck is still very much in the works and I'm testing, but it's playing pretty well. I'd love to hear suggestions, but don't really plan to optimize the mana base or the overall strategy too much. There is a little hiccup in play because you want auras, equipments, protection and pump, and a more powerful version may get it down to less lines of play. But as far as making a more fun and interesting deck, I'm always open to ideas : ) I'll leave some upgrades in the sideboard so I can slot them in and try them out, but I guess I don't have any big intent to power this one up too much. Mostly, I just never saw much discussion to Catti and I've been having a blast playing her as a commander.


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