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Ruin Ghost + Retreat to Coralheim landfall combo

Modern Infinite Combo Landfall Mill WU (Azorius)



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I have made a deck based around the combo Ruin Ghost + retreat to coralheim. Which will generate infinite landfall.

  1. Have Ruin Ghost, Retreat to Coralhelm and a basic plains on the battlefield.
  2. Use Ruin Ghost ability blinking a tapped plains land.
  3. Retreat to Coralheim triggers untapping Ruin Ghost.
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 for infinite landfall triggers.
  5. Have Ruin Crab or Hedron Crab on the battlefield to mill every card in every opponent's inventory or Felidar Retreat which creates infinite 2/2 White cat beasts.

I tried to make it cheap while still being quite good. some cards like Silence are expensive but work well with this deck. I am pretty new to making decks so I would appreciate some constructive criticism.


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