Because dinosaurs don't have to crush and bite and munch your opponents, they simply choose to.

This is my favorite deck to date, not because it's the best, but because it's a creature deck that always has options. Versatility always makes for fun games, and what's better than versatility with big dinosaurs? Also, throw in my two favorite planeswalkers, Tamiyo and Huatli, who can both steal the show at a moment's notice, and it makes for a good one.

My main idea with this deck is to use enrage to do everything that you'd ever want to do. Ramping, drawing cards, and picking off creatures all at the same time feels pretty good. Ranging Raptors plus fight effects can really help with ramp and fixing, and it also puts your opponent in an awkward spot when you attack. It's just big enough to take their bigger creatures to kill and any block will give you a land. If the deck is effectively using Ripjaw Raptor Kiora, Master of the Depths Tamiyo, Field Researcher or Neyith of the Dire Hunt to draw, then any blocks on Ranging Raptors can look like a bad idea.

Lotus Field can be great ramp and fixing with Voyaging Satyr and Kiora, Master of the Depths. It also goes well with playing more than one land for turn with Wayward Swordtooth and Enter the Unknown which is secretly the best card in the deck. Being able to play more lands, buff a creature to take more fights, and dig off the top for an extra land, all that for one mana, it's very good.

Fight effects are pretty much what they do, but they do it well. Getting Ulvenwald Tracker on turn one can really be one of the best openers as long as you have something to play behind it. Ulvy is a great way to answer flyers in this deck because most can't hold up to fighting a Wayward Swordtooth.

Cherished Hatchling is probably one of the more cutable cards, but I do like it more than you'd think. It makes your opponent have to consider their blocks every time, and if the card draw is online and you have a decent hand, the threat of flashing and fighting is pretty real. It may not be the best, but it kind of works, and it's the :)

Tamiyo, Field Researcher is the most powerful card in the deck. You should have a lot of bodies to defend her, and it's going to draw you two a turn or lock down their most dangerous threats. If you have some decent creatures when Tamiyo lands, it's mostly game over.

And then there's Archangel Avacyn   which seems like an odd pick, but it works wonders. You can get her off a lotus field with an untapper, and flash really makes her shine in this deck. Being able to block their biggest flyer can save you, plus making all your creatures indy is invaluable to the enrage mechanic. Throw Avacyn down on your attackers and you will gain a ton of enrage value, and be able to do the same thing next turn. And, if Avacyn does turn to the back side, you get a bigger flying threat and also trigger all of your enrage creatures. The only downside of Avacyn is the double white, which is hard for the deck sometimes, but if all goes well you should have plenty of mana to cast or to throw into Unknown Shores

The lands are my weakest area here for sure, but I do want to keep it mostly budget. It would run much better on a more expensive mana base, and I know it would, I just don't feel the need. This is a solid deck that runs on flavor first and mana second.


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