This is my heavily optimised (not competitive) build of Jhoira. It's a combo deck built around the turbo draw engine of Jhoira

There are 4 infinite combos in the deck: words of wind combo, mystic forge combo, Dramatic scepter combo and the KCI combo. And a few finite combos that still get the win.

infinite combos: - words of wind combo - parts needed: Jhoira and words of wind on the table, and either, mana rocks that can pay for the trigger and later themselves or mana rocks and things that reduce your mana rocks. the aim here is to pay for the WoW ability, play an artifact to draw off of Jhoira, but instead get everyone to bounce a permanent and return one of your mana rocks to hand (the best combo is sol ring and mox amber/opal). this infinitely bounces your opponents boards while leaving yours intact and drawing your deck- use an outlet such as aetherflux reservoir (for infinite life) - mystic forge combo - parts needed: mystic forge, sensei's divining top and any effect to reduce the cost of artifacts by at least 1. use the tops tap ability to draw and put the top on top of your deck, then play it for free of the top with the reduction and mystic forge. repeat as much as you want to draw you deck and win - Dramatic scepter combo - parts needed: dramatic reversal imprinted onto isochron scepter, a load of mana rocks and aetherflux reservoir. With the imprinted dramatic reversal, tap all your mana rocks, pay the cost of activation for the scepter and make infinite mana and gain infinite life - KCI (krark-clan ironworks) combo - parts needed: KCI, sol ring (or a mox), junk diver, myr retriever and scrap trawler. The aim of this combo is to get infinite mana - and draw your deck with Jhoira. The way the interactions work is complicated and im not the right person to explain it, but there are plenty of videos explaining the loop if you dont already know it.

finite combos: - chaining spells with aetherflux to get enough life to zap people with the death laser - getting enough mana to cast enter the infinite and draw your deck - tezzeret's and chandra's ults can win games very occasionally (i know not combos but a possibility)

While your waiting to assemble the combos, there is a control package to protect it. Other spicy cards include; strom the vault because tolarian academy is a balanced card and paradoxical outcome because the card draw is often insane

Ive had a lot of fun with the deck and im very happy with the current build


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