Sarkhan gazed on the world around him, the dragons sweeping through its skies, and joy kindled like a fire in his soul.

Deck Description

I am Sheld and this is my Temur Dragon tribal EDH deck. The dragons are led by the Maelstrom Wanderer because why not, it is a fun card and I like it. As all my decks, this deck is meant to be played in a casual friendly meta and is far from competitive.

This deck originated from my previous Gruul Dragon Tribal deck led by Xenagos . (Here is a link to the previous version: Xenagos' Dragon Swarm) The Gruul variant was a lot more aggressive and may have been more powerful than this one, but I got bored playing it and wanted to make the deck a bit more interesting.

Deck Strategy

Not much to talk about here. The deck has a very expensive curve, so you want to ideally start the game by ramping as much as possible. Other than that, it is pretty basic creature deck with some tribal synergies.

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Izzet a pun? A bit of pain never hurts.
Izzet a pun?
A bit of pain never hurts.


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