Welcome! You have been chosen to join Xantcha, Sleeper Agent and her group of agents. Your knack for espionage and sabotage have been well noted. In this line of work, you must be willing to see people attack each other, deceive others, and see property destroyed. If you're comfortable, proceed and learn the tools of our trade.

Causing Chaos

Our main goal here is to infiltrate our enemies, and cause chaos in their ranks. Xantcha leads the charge by always attacking, but she will never turn her blade on us. She can also bleed opponents a bit and steal information.

But we have other ways to sow chaos in the politics of our enemies. Disrupt Decorum , Cruel Entertainment , Bitter Feud , Captive Audience , Witch Hunt , Rage Nimbus , Zealous Conscripts , Chaos Wand , Mass Hysteria , Blood Sun , War's Toll , and Rite of the Raging Storm can spread discord among the board.

Sower of Discord can limit your opponent's ability to hit you, if you select them and yourself.

Tools of Sabatoge

Xantcha has access to many useful minions and tools to help your movement. Generally, these will be things to help facilitate combat.

Balduvian Warlord , Goblin Diplomats , Goblin Spymaster , Grenzo, Havoc Raiser , Besmirch , Curse of Opulence , Bloodthirsty Blade , Crown of Doom , and Key to the City all help facilitate combat among your enemies and allow hits to get through.

Gonti, Lord of Luxury can ward off attackers and steal valuable information or weapons from your opponents.

Evading Retaliation

Your opponent will undoubtedly realize that there's a sleeper cell in their midst. Naturally you'll want to discourage them from finding and hurting you. Dread , Master of Cruelties , Night Incarnate , Royal Assassin , and Avatar of Woe can dissuade attackers.

You can also minimize attacks by just flat out killing them with Dreadbore , Chaos Warp , Bedevil , Hero's Downfall , Murder , and Terminate . They can also be used to carry political favor with enemies.

Finishing Opponents

Causing chaos among your opponents is wonderful, but you need to be able to finish them. Etali, Primal Storm , Underworld Cerberus , Inferno Titan , and Avatar of Slaughter are large and powerful creatures that can inflict devastating blows.

Havoc Festival , Heartless Hidetsugu , and Wound Reflection can drain their life beyond repair.

Insurrection can allow you to bring all forces under your control, hopefully to wipe out their former masters.

Keeping Yourself Armed

The last thing an underground movement wants to do is run out of steam. Erebos, God of the Dead , Humble Defector , Greed , Theater of Horrors , Read the Bones , Faithless Looting , and Night's Whisper can keep things going. Also, Xantcha herself can be a good source of information to keep your movement alive.

Cards are important, but useless without mana to cast them. Luckily, you do have some support in this regard. Crypt Ghast , King Macar, the Gold-Cursed and Neheb, the Eternal all serve as mana boosters. Macar can also serve as removal. Neheb, when combined with Xantcha, can get back the red mana spent on her ability.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to make suggestions and check out my other decks!

Nekusar: Losing Your Mind

Aurelia: Righteous Justice

Edgar Markov: Masters of the Night

Vorel: Biological Warfare


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