We use Ludevic as our main commander which draws aggro usually away from us. Since he has partner adding an extra Izzet commander wont hurt us. Thats where Kraum comes in handy.

Enemies will probably love Ludevic at start until they realize you are heading for a victory. Forcing enemies to attack with cards like goblin diplomats, will make sure there is some action going on.

Another goal of yous should be to put some creature with a drawback on board and donating it or exchanging control of it, with an enemy creature. Exchange control cards are usually expensive so we add some mana ramp to the deck. If the enemy has no creatures Humble Deflector, Akroan Horse and Forbidden Orchard come in handy. Donate and Harmless Offering are here for the same reason.

We use Fabricate,some Transmute cards and Imperial Recruiter to help us get what we need. Forcing an enemy to attack with a Lesser Gargadon, Goblin Firebug that they got control of can be fun. Its good to wait a bit before you rush an exchange. Exchanging the right creatures is very important here.

Drawing shouldnt be an issue but we add Aggresive Mining, which can be donated and it can hurt the enemy if they dont have enough lands and a way to destroy it. We play Hatching Plans, since we got ways to sacrifice it, either with Perilous Research, Read the Runes and Barrin. Barrin can become decent control with Akroan Horse on the Board.

Forcing enemies to attack and lose stuff while they do, can drive your opponents mad, hence leading to bad decisions. Hope you enjoy this. Some expensive cards like Ancient Tomb are not needed to play this deck and i believe its budget is low without them. This deck is fresh and i would love any suggestions.


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