Zirilan Wins is a combo deck at heart with all of the capability to race, or toolbox into the right dragon at the right time. Worldgorger dragon allows you to pull infinite mana with any of the cards that allow you to copy it, and with a static source of haste on the board, zirilan can search for every dragon in your deck, allowing you to win with terror of the peak triggers, scourge of valkas, etc.

Ancient Copper Dragon makes up for any early mana deficits easily, and should typically be your first target with Zirilan, barring an excellent hand that allows you to combo early. Your next most important targets are usually terror of the peaks, and utvara hellkite, which allow you to produce huge amounts of damage very quickly.

I have made an intentional choice to leave out the majority of the expensive fast mana, but the list can be easily adjusted by dropping a couple of lands, and some of the rituals that you may not prefer. The deck already wins easily by turn five, and can definitely go faster with the inclusion of faster mana.


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