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White Phyrexian Machine Orthodoxy - Kitchentable

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First attempt at building a MTG deck, based on mono-white new Phyrexia / Machine Orthodoxy. As it is my first attempt to get into the hobby, I have tried to keep the deck cheap. Heavy emphasis on theme.

Open to all advice/criticism as I lack MTG experience. Wish to keep the New Phyrexia theme intact.

-Update after a few months of experience Deck had a severe card-draw issue and a large abundance of mana that could not be used. Current modifications slightly break White-Phyrexian theme by involving instants of the other phyrexian colors, but provide flexibility to produce tokens, draw cards and counter some troublesome deck types. Removed Land Destruction options as they were NOT appreciated by others.


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This deck is Casual legal.

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Tokens */* C Token Artifact Creature Horror, Wurm 3/3 C w/ Deathtouch, 3/3 C Token Artifact Creature Golem, Myr 1/1 C, Copy Clone, Wurm 3/3 C w/ Lifelink
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