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This is not war! This is pest control!

Commander / EDH Chaos Control Tokens UBR (Grixis)


I will admit, I am not the biggest Dr. Who fan, I'm only aware of the IP from various Comic Con events. However, I am a massive PlaneChase fan, so I acquired the Dr. Who decks and the new Planes.

Davros, Dalek Creator appeals to me as a crazy Villain. Totally fair in EDH, the deck builds armies of artifact creatures and hurts everyone equally. The risk is that you can easily become the Archenemy and you lack green ramp spells. The payoff is that the new cards are pretty useful.

Daleks are pure evil embodied. I looked up quotes and found the perfect title for the deck; "This is not war! This is pest control!". You have to be ruthless playing this deck. The primary goal is to protect Davros and rely on Dalek and Cybermen support to wage war!

::Protecting Davros::

1) Malakir Rebirth   - if Davros Dies, bring Him back, or play as a land.

2) Darksteel Plate - an indestructible suit of armor!

3) Lightning Greaves - Shroud and hexproof.

4) Orcish Medicine

::Dalek Support::

1) Dalek Squadron - 3/3 Body with Menace and Myriad. Only 2B? Yes, Please!

2) The Dalek Emperor - a 6/6 body, haste from other Daleks and granting a Villainous Choice.

3) Cult of Skaro - roll a D4 and see what happens, all options are good.

4) Dalek Drone - a flying, Menace 3/3 with ab ETB to destroy another creature and they lose 3 life.

5) Doomsday Confluence - can create tons of Daleks!

6) Genesis of the Daleks - creation machine for 3/3 Daleks.

7) Exterminate! - a board wipe for tapping Daleks.

8) Davros, Dalek Creator - allows creation of 3/3 Daleks.

::Cybermen Support::

1) Missy - creates Cybermen on death triggers.

2) Death in Heaven - graveyard hate which then becomes an army of Cybermen.

3) Cyber Conversion - removal spell but can turn something into a Cyberman.

4) The Cyber-Controller - creates an instant army of Cybermen!

5) Cybership - if it can deal damage, it creates an army of Cybermen.

6) Cyberman Patrol - gives all Artifact creatures Afflict 3!


1) Torment of Hailfire - is a solid closer. It can also be used early game to fuel Davros and His Villainous Choices.

2) Wound Reflection - is an excellent Enchantment that turns small 3 damage cuts into larger 6 damage chunks. It makes you a target, but accelerates games.

3) Davros & Dalek Destruction - you keep producing creatures and forcing Villainous Choices to have a full hand. This allows you to put value the table and stay ahead of opponents.

11/12/23 - First time piloting the deck and I am impressed. It's very easy to create Daleks and they are hard to block. I was often the threat in the pod and had a lot of clean answers to opponent. Got final player down to 4 life before they were able to swing for victory.

12/16/23 - Spent an entire night banging out EDH games with Davros! First time playing PlaneChase. I decided we need to add some heavy hitting cards into the deck and keep the evil theme. So we now have Tergrid, Sheoldred and Sauron in the house.


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