Suffocating Fumes

Suffocating Fumes


Creatures you control your opponents control get -1/-1 until end of turn.

Cycling (, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

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Suffocating Fumes Discussion

MrMortifex145 on Dimir Control - 2021

3 months ago

Grubbernaut thanks for the upvote! Generally what you said is true, but for this deck I beg to differ. Think Twice is always card advantage while Frantic Inventory , which draws more cards if you can cast all four, has to be drawn at multiple times to get the advantage. Plus if you have to discard Think Twice to Forbidden Alchemy you can still flashback it, plus having one in the gy you can do cool stuff like play Mortuary Mire a Mulldrifter and get it back by flashbacking Think Twice it if you have the mana, or get back a Gurmag Angler . This deck is mostly a "draw, land, go" kind of deck so the flashback cost isn't an issue. Curse of the Bloody Tome is a bad card generally, but it works in this deck because, as I said, many turns are just waiting for stuff to counter and having a passive wincon is cool. Plus you can discard it to Forbidden Alchemy . On MTGO it also has the advantage that if you play it on the first round by turn three, people will scoop because they aren't ready for a mill deck, side out removal for enchantment hate, and get stomped by Gurmag Angler . Cast Down I agree, but until they ban Chatterstorm you need ways to sweep by turn two. Plus against boros you can sweep First Day of Class buffed birds which is nice, and two Suffocating Fumes is necessary to survive against elves.

anarkismen on Pauper EDH Wipes

5 months ago

Suffocating Fumes is another -1/-1 in black.

MrMortifex145 on Dimir Control - 2021

1 year ago

Magic_Faqs thanks!! I'm pretty confident about the mainboard, however Elves is a really bad matchup. Personally I play paper and at my lgs basically nobody plays elves so I concentrated on other archetypes. This can be solved by adding more Shrivel or Suffocating Fumes in the sideboard. Vodalian Zombie already helps with defense, but being able to close the game with just one sweeper is pretty hard. I wouldn't get Evincar's Justice because Wrap in Vigor is a real thing lol.

MrMortifex145 on Mono Black Control - 2021

1 year ago

Spell_Slam yeah Suffocating Fumes is better, I had Cower in Fear from before Ikoria so I just roll with that since I generally won't cycle it, as i'll only ever use it against faries and elves. I actually swapped edicts for Disfigure since at my lgs Boros is very common and I needed instant speed removal ready on turn 1. Also I predict stompy will become very common post ban so killing a 4/2 Rancor creature for 1 mana is good to stay in curve. Of course if your lgs meta is slower or Bogles is common i'd say swap em out for edicts. Even though Delver got hit hard with Mystic Sanctuary ban, being able to deal with Delver of Secrets  Flip for one mana is cool.

Spell_Slam on Mono Black Control - 2021

1 year ago

Sounds good!

Cower in Fear could easily be Suffocating Fumes.

2 Disfigure doesn't seem right with 4 Defile already. I could see this being more Chainer's Edict or Victim of Night.