Suffocating Fumes

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper Duel Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Suffocating Fumes


Creatures you control your opponents control get -1/-1 until end of turn.

Cycling (, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

Durkle on Give it a little tappy, tap tap tap-aroo

10 months ago

Hey. Funny enough, I've been working on this archetype for a while now. Excited for the new convoke cards. I'm not here to tell you how to build your deck, but I do wanna share some of my experience with you.

I've tried a ton of different versions, spanning all 5 colors. At the core of every single version is 4 Field Surgeon 4 Stonybrook Schoolmaster. Beyond that, it's kinda fair game. I started out in green builds with stuff like Jaspera Sentinel and Sprout Swarm and whatnot, but those builds never performed that well for me. You'd think they would, but it just never felt like what the deck needed. When you build around Field Surgeon and Schoolmaster, what you need from there is redundancy and ways to stabilize, not necessarily ways to go even wider. At least, that was my conclusion. To that end, I would highly highly recommend Samite Herbalist and Veteran Armorer. You kinda have herbalist subbed out for Judge of currents, which is fine too, but I really value the scry from herbalist. Especially early game. If you stumble at getting on the board early, the deck can look kind of pathetic to be totally honest lmao. Oh, and Veteran Armorer just does so much work at preserving your board. Completely frees you up from worrying about Suffocating Fumes and Electrickery. Obsidian Acolyte is extremely important out of the board. Among other things, it makes you a lot safer against Pestilence.

The two versions I've had the most success with (and neither of them are updated to account for new cards yet) are my Orzhov and Azorius builds. Especially with Meeting of the Minds existing now, I totally suspect that Azorius will be how I run it most often now. Azorius Surgeon and the tap sisters, if you care to take a look. I really need to update each, but they're both a lot of fun.

Also, don't be a coward, you gotta run at least one copy of ~~Ancestral Recall~~ Shared Discovery.

This all came out a bit more eclectically worded than I meant it too, but I'm excited to see somebody else working on this archetype. Godspeed.

Allan-Chefa- on Glaze and Mandible Brothers

1 year ago

Good Morning! I tested the deck against some metas and did well, I won against the mono R Burn, Rakdos combo and the Orzhov pestilence, and lost against Mono B fairies. All the matches I lost were for lack of removals to get that annoying blocker out. So I decided to add 2 Cast Down and 1 Suffocating Fumes. I was short of creatures in some matches and the 2x Tithe Drinker let me down. That's when I remembered this guy Vault Skirge who is perfect in the deck... Artifact, lifelink, 1 mana colorless and especially Fly as an evasion and block some fairies. Vampire's Kiss ran well and I decided to close the set. as the game usually goes on and the graveyard ends up filling 1x Gurmag Angler and 1x Blood Fountain were added and for the same reason I will put 1 Bojuka Bog. Duress was successful in every game. Trespasser's Curse and Sanctify I need to test more often. Overall the deck increased 3 Creatures, I hope it doesn't hurt Prowess. I'll test it like this and later I'll give another feedback. Thanks!

AmoeboidChangeling on Glaze and Mandible Brothers

1 year ago

I like this brew, looks spicy and fun. I have a few sideboard suggestions, mostly cards which I use in my sideboards, or just know they exist. Some of them might not be perfect, I don't say that my suggestions are the best, it's just cards that came into my mind.

The first one is not really a sideboard suggestion. Since the new Bridge artifact lands have arrived to Pauper, they combo well with some destroy effects, mostly in red though. But if you'd replace Scoured Barrens with Goldmire Bridge, you could play mainboard artifact/enchantment removals that do something else too, such as Invoke the Divine. You either play them to destroy your opponents artifacts/enchantments, or if they don't have any, you can target your own Bridge land with it, your land will remain on the battlefield, and you'll gain 4 life.

You can always side them out of course, or you can just put them in the sideboard, not sure which option is better, but you have both. Then you won't get to have repeated ETBs by Orzhov Basilica, so you either replace that too with something else, or you can just leave it anyway.

Some sideboard cards that came to my mind are: Nihil Spellbomb , Leave No Trace (this can kill your own enchantments too though in some cases so might not be the best option), boardwipes like Suffocating Fumes or Shrivel or Holy Light. There's Duress against control decks. There's an expensive sideboard cards called Dust to Dust. It's not budget and I don't buy it for Pauper, but I know it exists, against Bridge lands it can be a good option. Lone Missionary is also one used by some people. And since you're in white, you can always try out the good old Circle of Protection cards, there's one against every color.

Hope some of my suggestions were useful. Good luck, and keep it up!

Degaine on UB-dreadge-Delve

1 year ago

I would never play Otherworldly Gaze, it wastes one card and gives you only a little bit bigger gy.

From things you mentioned - you are not fast enough. Well, if you can not make your deck faster, then you need to slow your opponent down. Put more destroy&sacrifice effects (Diabolic Edict, Chainer's Edict) or mass removal like Pestilence, Crypt Rats, Evincar's Justice, Suffocating Fumes with an actual card draw spells like Accumulated Knowledge (it is dead against decks with bojuka), Think Twice, Behold the Multiverse or Deep Analysis.

Good creatures - Delver of Secrets  Flip (very aggressive), Augur of Bolas (good against aggro decks), it is slow but it fills gy - The Modern Age  Flip

Other things - at this moment I would cut like 5 lands and you can swap some of them with Evolving Wilds or Ash Barrens (additional cards that can fill gy) cause you have so many cantrips. The same as I would cut imps. It is more for gy focused decks, UB is not.

MrMortifex145 on Dimir Control - 2021

2 years ago

Grubbernaut thanks for the upvote! Generally what you said is true, but for this deck I beg to differ. Think Twice is always card advantage while Frantic Inventory , which draws more cards if you can cast all four, has to be drawn at multiple times to get the advantage. Plus if you have to discard Think Twice to Forbidden Alchemy you can still flashback it, plus having one in the gy you can do cool stuff like play Mortuary Mire a Mulldrifter and get it back by flashbacking Think Twice it if you have the mana, or get back a Gurmag Angler . This deck is mostly a "draw, land, go" kind of deck so the flashback cost isn't an issue. Curse of the Bloody Tome is a bad card generally, but it works in this deck because, as I said, many turns are just waiting for stuff to counter and having a passive wincon is cool. Plus you can discard it to Forbidden Alchemy . On MTGO it also has the advantage that if you play it on the first round by turn three, people will scoop because they aren't ready for a mill deck, side out removal for enchantment hate, and get stomped by Gurmag Angler . Cast Down I agree, but until they ban Chatterstorm you need ways to sweep by turn two. Plus against boros you can sweep First Day of Class buffed birds which is nice, and two Suffocating Fumes is necessary to survive against elves.

anarkismen on Pauper EDH Wipes

2 years ago

Suffocating Fumes is another -1/-1 in black.

MrMortifex145 on Dimir Control - 2021

3 years ago

Magic_Faqs thanks!! I'm pretty confident about the mainboard, however Elves is a really bad matchup. Personally I play paper and at my lgs basically nobody plays elves so I concentrated on other archetypes. This can be solved by adding more Shrivel or Suffocating Fumes in the sideboard. Vodalian Zombie already helps with defense, but being able to close the game with just one sweeper is pretty hard. I wouldn't get Evincar's Justice because Wrap in Vigor is a real thing lol.

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