Welcome to my commander deck featuring our buck-toothed Kamigawa spirit, Patron of the Moon

The idea of the deck is to play with your bounce your lands using the various Moonfolk in the deck and replay them with Patron. To help us combo out, we run numerous counterspells to prevent us being disrupted. For us to successfully infinite out, we need to setup the following:

Patron of the Moon + Any Land Bounce + Amulet of Vigor + Training Grounds/Heartstone + Mana doubler + a wincon

As you can see, Amulet of Vigor is essential to our combo. This means the lands Patron puts onto the battlefield come in untapped. Since it's so imperative to get this out when the time is right. We run Whir of Invention/Tezzeret the Seeker /Dizzy Spell/Inventors' Fair or Fabricate to grab it. Academy Ruins and Buried Ruin returns it back for us should it get removed.

By reducing the activated ability cost of our Moonfolk down to 1, this means with our mana doubler, we can bounce a land and replay it untapped. High Tide, Extraplanar Lens or Caged Sun will get us there.

Finally, our wincons. Now we are able to generate infinite triggers, we can win by:

Lands - Sunscorched Desert/Radiant Fountain
By Mill - Hedron Crab/Altar of the Brood/Soratami Mindsweeper
Card Draw - Soratami Cloudskater + Psychosis Crawler Laboratory Maniac
Copied Spells - Uyo, Silent Prophet + Any card draw Instant or Sorcery + Psychosis Crawler Laboratory Maniac
Commander Damage - Adventuring Gear
Land 'Removal' - Moonbow Illusionist/Floodbringer (this will limit what your opponents do greatly, likely resulting in a scoop).

Although it's not a win condition, you can also control opponent's creatures using Retreat to Coralhelm, Flooded Shoreline or steal them with Roil Elemental. Meloku the Clouded Mirror generates us infinite creatures also but they need to last a turn cycle to win.

This is a really interesting and unique deck using an uncommonly played commander (only 196 decks according to EDHRec). It's worth noting though this isn't a friendly deck. Your goal is to play like a mono blue player! Thanks for taking the time to check out the deck and I hope you enjoyed the list. If you did, feel free to check out my other commander decks if you fancy a different playstyle:

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