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The Magical Couple

Commander / EDH UR (Izzet)


Welcome to my latest commander deck featuring the Izzet guide to marriage, Tibor and Lumia

According to EDHREC, poor Tibor and Lumia are the least played Izzet commander out there, barring Partners. With such an interesting ability on the card I thought long about how to create a deck with a unique playstyle. This is my end result! This is by no means a highly competitive deck but I can assure you it is certainly an interesting and fun way to play such a strong colour pairing.

Lets start by talking about the power couple themselves. Tibor gives our stuff flying while Lumia burns the ground everything walks on (which if you know the minuscule amount of lore there is for them hits the flavor spot on). The challenge with building this deck was getting a mixture of both colours as flooding one colour means we are either not hitting anything or killing T+L with their own ability. Generally most of the cards are self explanatory in the deck but I'll go over a few fun interactions or combos. Overall, their ability beings an interesting style of control gameplay.

Dismiss into Dream turns our blue spells into removal since the flying buff is targeted. Basilisk Collar on T+L kills anything that doesn't fly or is indestructible with one red spell. We can further protect our creatures by passively giving everything flying with the use of cards like Archetype of Imagination and Levitation . Runechanter's Pike provides us with solid commander damage finisher and can even 1-shot late game.

Repercussion allows us to damage players while we ping creatures. Really hurts people who swarm the board with tokens. This can also be combined to devastating effect with Magmaquake or Molten Disaster to deal absurd amounts of damage. If the games gone on a long time, Mizzix's Mastery can reuse our graveyard. When used with creatures like Guttersnipe or Thermo-Alchemist or good old Sphinx-Bone Wand , this will most likely close out the game. Polymorphist's Jest and Turn to Frog are fantastic at removing problem creatures with T+L's ability.

If you are looking for a different take on an Izzet deck rather than 'storming off' or 'infinite copied spells' this deck will cater to your needs. It is harder to play as you need to choose your time to strike and make sure you have enough gas in your hand to get the duo's engine going. When this deck works, it is extremely satisfying!

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