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Minsc and the miniature GIANT SPACE HAMSTER!!!

Commander / EDH* Double strike Equip Giant RGW (Naya)


I am a huge fan of the game Baulders Gate 2, and this commander. I would love feedback on this build.

For this deck you want to utilize the various and overlapping forms of damage multipliers. The following effects are available and total 20% of the deck.

Double strike
Double damage
Double attack phase

Once established you can cast your commander and start attacking with Boo the hamster token with haste and trample, or any other creature with multiple key words. Depending on the opponent board state you may wait a turn until you can dump all your mana to make a creature X/X, or use a removal, and, or another doubler. Using 6 mana, your commander, and two doublers you can one shot anyone using commander damage when unblocked.

This deck focuses on single target removals that are cheap, and have more than one type of card that can be targeted. There is a theme of cheap red steal creature until end of turn spells. You can attack opponent with their creature, and then you can kill it for free with the commander or sac it for more damage. To support this decks goal there is 10+ ramp, and 7+ tutor/draw effects to keep things moving.

Here is some of Minsc's voiced banter with other D&D characters


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