You better pay up to the Orzhov Church!

What is it?

A Budget Teysa Karlov Deck.

1.huge Malefic Scythe on a creature + Rogue's Passage

2.huge Seraph of the Masses

3.a lot of 1/1s and Righteous Charge

Skullclamp + Teysa Karlov +any 1/1 will draw 4 Cards

Secure the Wastes + Thalisse, Reverent Medium way to many 1/1s

Teysa Karlov + Whisper, Blood Liturgist + any token creator, to get back whatever is in the graveyard, even if it's just more tokencreators


The Maybeboard is for changes I'm planing, or you could take into consideration if you're building a Teysa Karlov Deck.

Feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments!


Updates Add

Took out: Fleshtaker (was a sac outlet yes, but doesnt trigger twice) and Nightmare Shepherd (don't want them to exile)

Put in: Afterlife Insurance (lil boardwipe protection/ ability to go crazy with sac outlets) and Blood Artist (ping2win)


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