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Braids & her Interdimensional Friends

Commander / EDH* Eldrazi Mono-Blue Shapeshifter


This is my second attempt at making a Mono-coloured deck. Something interesting and fun, but holds it's own when my friends are getting serious. So I decided to use Braids, as she isn't seen often and I like the chaos she creates because of the ability to cheat out her Eldrazi and giant Artifact "Friends". Because of her ability as well I was thinking of going heavy into mind control, however I've been trying to also make sure things are fun for everyone and so I took some mind control cards but I think there is a heavier lean into Cloning instead.

Clearly my most expensive deck to build yet, but I would love some input on refinement and anything I thought would work in the moment but isn't really serving the overall purpose. I also added Orvar, the All-Form who is essentially my second commander as his ability to clone others can be really cool if I'm looking to have two Ulamogs or Blightsteel Colossus'.


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