This is my attempt at a mono-white, flavorful, angel tribal deck. The main objective of this deck is to summon an army of powerful Angels to cast out the wicked! I do not find infinite combos fun and prefer winning a game of EDH the old fashioned way, beating my opponents mainly through creature combat! It was tough to find any decks that suited my play style, which is pretty aggressive. While deciding to build my own I wanted to be sure to have as many angels as I could pack into the deck without losing the decks competitive edge. The mana ramp and some creature cards help with the mana-curve variance while also acting as bombs against your opponents. All other cards offer flexibility in play style and help you gain a great strategic advantage against effects that try to lock you down! Feel free to offer any critiques or suggestions. I hope you enjoy bringing light to the darkness and delivering it_ "A fitting end"- Gisela._

NOTE: If you are going up against decks that have an abundance of target abilities 'Shalai, Voice of Plenty' is in the sideboard as the alternate Commander and can be switched out with 'Heliod, God of the Sun'. 'Linvala, Keeper of Silence', 'Thalia, Heretic Cathar', and 'Lyra Dawnbringer' can all also easily be substituted as the commander based upon the type of support you need.


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