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Clash of the Titans

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This is the first EDH deck that I ever built, when I had first become interested in the format, so I expect that it may seem to be primitive and amateurish, but I still wished to post it, here, for feedback. I chose the name because the deck contains the titans from Magic 2011, or four of them, anyway, as it did originally contain Primeval Titan, but I removed that card when it was banned in this format, replacing it with Pathbreaker Ibex, which I feel is a worthy replacement for it (as a side note, I have the promo versions of each titan, which cost me extra money, but was definitely worth the additional expense, in my mind).

This deck is not overly complex in its strategy and execution; its main goal is to wear down the opponent and stay alive long enough to summon Progenitus and then use it to defeat the opponent swiftly (although Door to Nothingness is also available, as an alternate win condition, as well). I put the bringers and the nephilim in the deck because they can be put only in five-colored decks (at least prior to the printing of the four-colored generals in Commander 2016), and then chose several other five-colored creatures, as well. I made an effort to keep all colors balanced as much as possible, but I will admit that some of the cards I chose at random, simply because I thought that they would be great for this deck; for example, any EDH deck that I make that contains the color white will have a copy of True Conviction and any EDH deck that I build that contains white and green shall have both Mirari's Wake and Privileged Position. Prismatic Omen is in the deck primarily to combine with Last Stand, which I imagine will be a very epic combo, if I have a sufficient amount of lands on the battlefield.

What do you think of this deck? I certainly will appreciate any feedback that anyone has to offer.


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