Deathbringer Liege

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Deathbringer Liege

Creature — Horror

Other white creatures you control get +1/+1.

Other black creatures you control get +1/+1.

Whenever you cast a white spell, you may tap target creature.

Whenever you cast a black spell, you may destroy target creature if it's tapped.

DiscoPanda1803 on I... Cry... When Angels Deserve to DIEEEEEEE!!!!

4 weeks ago

Thanks DemonDragonJ, they are my favorite as well, it's always great meet another angel enthusiast.

Regarding your considerations:

For Deathbringer Liege, he is in a very crowded slot, the five mana spot have a lot sweet angels, if you put him next to Baneslayer Angel, he is strickly a better creature, but again... ANGELS. Also still hurts me take Witch of the Moors out, if a could fit her back in, i probaly will. But is something to consider, the removal built in is very intresting.

As for Thought Vessel and Reliquary Tower, i din't feel the need for expand my hand size, never really bothered me. Aside from the moment that i put in Necropotence for a little while, than i needed those cards kkk, but i moved to another deck.

As for Greed, i whanted to put it, in a early version of the deck, but i alredy own Arguel's Blood Fastfoil  Flip, so used insted, and it put a lot of work, that i decide to stick with it. When Black Market Connections realease, i make the change for that. I personaly believe that you can't have such think as "too much draw", so i don't know what i take it out for put Greed in, but i not shure if is that much better than Arguel's Blood Fastfoil  Flip.

As for Debt to the Deathless, i don't think is that much efficient, the way i see it, you have to sink in a lot mana to make count, the only way my deck can make that much mana is with Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, so i don't know if is a good idea dedicated a slot for that card, with a small chance to make a splash.

As for your question regarding Fellwar Stone it never was a problem to me, it fix my mana somethimes, but most of the times i alredy have the lands to do that, it is in there mostly because of the limited amount of mana rocks that exists for only 2 mana, but if i feel the need, Thought Vessel is a solid replacement, as you suggested.

Sorry for the long ass response. Again, i appreciate the love for the deck, feel free to give more suggestions, flavor choices are welcome too.

DemonDragonJ on I... Cry... When Angels Deserve to DIEEEEEEE!!!!

4 weeks ago

This deck deserves an upvote for the name alone!

Beyond that, angels are my favorite creatures in the game, and Liesa is one of my favorite angels in the game, so I like this deck, very much.

Would you consider putting Deathbringer Liege, Thought Vessel, Reliquary Tower, Greed, or Debt to the Deathless in this deck, or do they not fit its theme? Also, since this deck has only two colors, do you believe that Fellwar Stone is a reliable source of mana to have in it?

wallisface on

2 months ago

Some thoughts:

  • Your deck is currently at 64 cards. While this might not seem much above 60, it's still weakening your deck by including 4 cards worse-that-the-rest, while also making your deck less consistent. I'd suggest dropping all of the Vizkopa Guildmage, as the card's not particularly good.

  • I would suggest adding around 3 copies of Deathbringer Liege - even though the mana cost is quite high, your deck is already doing a lot in the way of stalling out the game, and this card acts as a strong win condition if unanswered. To make room for it, i'd remove a single copy of Souls of the Faultless, and both copies of Athreos, God of Passage (Athreos isn't doing a lot for your deck here as your opponent is being beaten-down by your interaction, not your creature-threats).

  • 19 lands is waay too low. For reference, burn decks play 20 lands and only play spells costing 1-2 mana (and are happy being stuck on 1-land for most of the game). With your current mana curve, imo you need 21 lands. If you're adding in the beforementioned Deathbringer Liege, i'd suggest 23. An obvious card to remove for the lands is Mana Tithe - as while it's useful in the first 2 turns, it becomes largely useless after then, and your deck is playing a particularly long game, so it's going to be a dead-draw more-often than a useful one.

  • With the amount of coloured-pips all your cards require, i'd suggest not playing Vault of the Archangel - it's going to trip you up far more than help you. The absolute most you could justify playing is maybe a single-copy.

DemonDragonJ on Light and Shadow

1 year ago

I have replaced Nighthawk Scavenger with Verrak, Warped Sengir; I understand that this deck does not contain any cards that use payment of life as a cost, but he better synergies with Deathbringer Liege than did the scavenger and he also provides a legendary creature to serve as the face card of this deck.

multimedia on Liesa, Liesa, they so flying...

1 year ago

Hey, you're welcome. Nice, those are good changes to make :)

Think bigger when it comes to your gameplan and card quality? Gideon's Avenger and Vampire Scrivener are low power level creatures who need other cards to make them good and to fit with the deck's strategy. Their game impact is very low. Vampire Scrivener being a five drop 2/2 flier is worse because it doesn't do anything for five mana. Which is not good when you have other five drops like Liesa, Stinging Study, Liesa, Forgotten Archangel, casting + equipping Sword of Feast and Famine, etc. can impact the game for five mana right away.

Your best attacker and life gaining is Liesa since she has flying, lifelink and she's your Commander meaning she does Commander damage. If you need a blocker then give Liesa vigilance which is what Loyal Unicorn does and it's a good card to keep for this reason. I don't think attacking with lots of creatures or building creatures to be attackers should be your game plan here. Liesa as attacker yes, but instead the creatures you play should support the life gaining strategy for value, draw, protect Liesa, make Liesa a better attacker, be sacrificed to keep Leisa alive, etc. Creatures with lifelink are preferred since if they get to attack they might gain life, but think of that as a bonus.

Liesa, Forgotten Archangel is your second best attacker/life gaining and her other abilities are excellent. Markov Purifier is a good example of a quality budget support creature with Liesa since he can be repeatable draw and if you get to attack with him then he might gain life, but you really play him because of his repeatable draw not because he may do combat damage to gain life.

You have a lot of budget filler creatures here who you don't need to play because they aren't helping gameplay enough to take up a deck spot. As a lesson in Commander deck building try to limit to only quality creatures here. This is not about adding/upgrading creatures, except a few that are in the precon, but instead about choosing only the quality creatures you're currently playing.

What we are looking for in creatures is how they interact or support with the deck strategy. If they're good enough support keep them, but if not then cut them. Even budget filler creatures such as Infantry Veteran can be quality, Veteran is not quality.

This list I've made below is not a knock on your deck building, you're using cards you have available to you, that's great and everyone has this same start. This advice is to how to improve the cards that you play to fill in the rest of the deck spots to have a full deck. Filler cards can also be quality, but you first have to know which cards are not as good as others so that you can improve them within budget.

I have reduced the creature base down to 11 of the quality creatures your currently playing. We are looking for good impact from creatures to make when they are played the first turn which means they have some kind of helpful abilities. Less high end creatures because both Liesa are your best high end creatures who are five drops.

If you're still interested I can continue with advice in another comment. Shall I continue?

sad_2980 on Zurdur

2 years ago

Love the deck! I have a few suggestions for cards that could be cut and some suggestions for what might replace them. I tried the keep the suggested cards reasonably priced. I have a few of them in my binder that I will give you next time we play.

Suggested removal - Most of these cards I figured could be easily upgraded with cards that add more value, utility, stax, or interaction:

Suggested additions:

Housegheist on Death and wine

2 years ago


Thank you for your thoughts.

I have thought about Stoneforge Mystic but it isn’t in my collection yet and pretty expensive these days :D

The swords act like pet-cards. Equiping it on an expendable creature (e.g. an 1/1 Spirit with flying) gains some incidental value.

The same is true for the Deathbringer Liege. He pumps our team for a Plan B if we need lethal Dmg. He also can remove opponents threats; like a multitool.

I hadn’t had much issues with cmc yet but wanted to lower the curve a little bit. I thought to implement Dauthi Voidwalker, but don’t know really what to remove for it. First thoughts where Shadowspear, Grave Titan, Emeria's Call  Flip or Gray Merchant of Asphodel. Any thoughts or suggestions on this?


Masterful on Death and wine

2 years ago

List looks good! You might want to try Stoneforge Mystic since you're running so much equipment. I play her just for Skullclamp, but you have more options. Do you ever run into problems with high CMC cards? I notice you're playing a lot of 5+ drops while having few early ramp spells. I also enjoy your unconventional inclusions like Deathbringer Liege and the two swords. Have they been successful so far?

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