MODERN NINJAS looking to take some HEADS

Ninjas by design value a cheap evasive "Enabler" creature to cheat our bigger CMC Ninjas in, we want Value attached to re-casting our Enabler again maximizing our Engine. Openers include cheap Enablers or disruption cards like Inquisition of Kozilek // Thoughtseize // Fatal Push // Spell Pierce. In today's meta Turn 1 plays demand respect, a Turn 1 disruption to slow our Opp's game-plan down can make a huge difference over jamming a Turn-1 Enabler.

When Aggro is needed or their threats are not big in matchup, playing an enabler on T1 can pay off with an early T2 Ninjutsu. Alternatively in Fae Shells, this can also be used as setup into a T2 Spellstutter Sprite Counter. Decks that play Bitterblossom may also jam it on T2 or hold off if keeping pressure/removal early is what matchup needs.

Ninjas want to interact + disrupt your opponents Board/Stack/Hand ensuring a way for our Ninjas to connect each battle phase for continuous card advantage, buying back EtB effects with our Ninjutsu when safe to do so un-punished.
Evasive Enablers provide a timed clock for the Opp in situations where they can answer/stonewall our Ninjas.

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  1. Ninjutsu recycle casted EtB cards ex. Spellstutter Sprite, Faerie Seer, Snapcaster Mage even Brazen Borrower.

  2. Ninjutsu meets Revolt on Fatal Push netting free CMC4 pops consistently (Your Polluted Delta + Oboro, Palace in the Clouds do too).

  3. Ninjutsu is an Activated Ability and isn't being Cast making it incredibly hard to counter.

  4. Ninjutsu can be used DEFENSIVELY in Combat phase to dodge removal spells. Ninjutsu to return a Un-blocked attacker ANYTIME during end of Blockers Phase - Post Combat Phase dodging removal. Requires you to have Ninja in hand until removal is Cast 4.B You can IMMEDIATELY Ninjutsu off an already Ninjutsu'd-in Ninja as long as you have mana to do so.

  5. Ninjutsu for calculated Lethal off unsuspecting evasive 1/1's

  6. High printed CMC of some Ninjas like Ingenious Infiltrator, makes them invulnerable to Inquisition of Kozilek or similar CMC3 removal like Abrupt Decay. Another benefit is mana-chumping for Prismatic Ending + Skyclave Apparition.

  7. Bitterblossom is a Tribal Faerie Enchantment and is counted as a "Faerie" when resolving Spellstutter Sprite as well as a target for Mistbind Clique.


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