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Tymmy! And the Lords of the Underworld

Commander / EDH Aristocrats BR (Rakdos) Tokens



You might be thinking "gee, a BR aristocrats deck without Zulaport Cutthroat , Blood Artist , Stalking Vengeance , or Vicious Shadows ? They must be doing it wrong."

And you may be right.

But I want my sac outlets to be the threats themselves. I don't want to just have a stupid Viscera Seer out with a cutthroat type trigger to just scry my opponents to death. That's boring. I want to sacrifice my creatures to the Murder King himself, or to monsters like Demon of Death's Gate and Torgaar . I want my sac outlets to be the threats themselves. Will that make it less consistent? Probably. Will it make it more fun. Absolutely.

The reason I made this deck is because I have had three copies of Tymaret since my first ever pre-release, because yeah, I opened three Murder Kings in my "green" Theros pre-release kit...but anyway, it was about damn time that I made a deck for him.

Suggestions welcome!

Cards of the current spoiler season I'd like to add upon release: Greven, Predator Captain , Chainer, Nightmare Adept , Idol of Oblivion , Hate Mirage, Skyfire Phoenix , Scroll of Fate , Ghired's Belligerence


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