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Liliana Swamps Matters

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Big swampwalk package in the maybeboard, purely because I don't know how to consistently get swampwalk online. Urborg and trailblazer isn't good enough. I did consider using tutor spells as signature spells to get more consistency but it's really aids and I want to be less boring. Also a selection of x cost spells to choose from, but I'd say the best ones are already in the list.

This list is unrefined and all over the place at the moment, it's just I guess an attempt to take advantage of the high amounts of mana produced in the mid-game if you can keep Liliana alive. I think it needs more card draw and ways to get fuel. Also you're basically reliant on your opening hand having 3 swamps so that you have a few draw steps to find a 4th drop, otherwise you're done. Over. Fin. And you need at least 2 activations of lili to be safe.

Hecatomb is awesome flavour, but unless you go with big zombie token generator spells, it's a very hard time meeting the 4 creature sac cost. It's gonna have to go. Put in Erebos to make up for some of that missing card draw I'm whining about.

Fun interactions:

Advice, suggestions, and help are all welcome.

Edit: Defile is more flavoursome than Doom Blade . Weaker early game but at least it can target black creatures and get indestructibles alongside a lot of my other removal. May swap Dismember for Doom Blade if I have a troubling life total in games. But if that was a problem using Exsanguinate for my signature spell would be my first move.

Also if I find myself in games with 3 or more opponents I would probably use Exsanguinate or Torment of Hailfire as my sig as well. I am hoping the versatility of profane command leaves it still valuable as the main one but I have an inkling it won't be as good as the other two no matter how badly I want it to be.


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