Hello, Im somewhat new to magic, and I've only been Deckbuilding for about a month now, so I may need some help determining what spells would work best. I finally got my deck down to 99 cards + com. Any sideboard ideas?

Any Suggestions would help

How Graveyard Sale works:

Mana ramp up until you can pay 6 mana.

Cast your commander, Sedris, the Traitor King , This will allow you to get any card from your graveyard on the field for a single turn

Make sure to discard/dredge/library2graveyard a lot of Cards, especially the high cost, high power/crazy ability creature spells if possible.

Unearth these massive creatures for a fraction of their cost and use their abilities and sheer power to win the game. Be careful, when you unearth, you have only a turn to use that spell.


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