If I copy a Regrowth, can I recur the same instant twice?

Asked by ChrisNicolella 8 months ago

Scenario: Turnabout is in the graveyard. Regrowth is cast and copied through something like Swarm Intelligence . Turnabout is targeted.

I'm not sure if the copy resolves first or the original spell, but whichever the case, can the Turnabout be cast while the second copy of Regrowth is still on the stack and be put back into the graveyard for the second Regrowth trigger?

Or do both copies need to have valid targets first before either resolves?

In simple terms? Can I cast Turnabout twice?

PlatinumOne says... Accepted answer #1

the copy is put on the stack 2nd, which means it resolves first. targets for spells and abilities are chosen when they are put on the stack, before they resolve. also, Regrowth is not technically a "trigger". if both Regrowth (the copy and the original) target the same card, the 2nd Regrowth will essentially fizzle. you can cast the Turnabout between the 2 Regrowth , but once its in the graveyard for a 2nd time, it is treated as a "new" Turnabout , and thus not the same target for the Regrowth .

February 14, 2019 9:01 p.m.

In this scenario you cannot get Turnabout twice. The original Regrowth is on the stack targeting your Turnabout , and whatever copies your spell creates a copy of Regrowth on the stack on top of your original spell.

During the resolution of the effect copying Regrowth , you will have to select a target. Since the copy is on the top of the stack, it will resolve first. Assuming you also targeted Turnabout , the copy will return it to you. Before the original Regrowth resolves, you may cast Turnabout and it will go to the graveyard upon resolving.

However, whenever an object changes zones, it becomes a new object with no history of its past. It will not be the same Turnabout that was targeted by your original Regrowth , therefore your spell will not resolve due to having illegal target.

February 14, 2019 10:29 p.m.

ChrisNicolella says... #3

Thank you guys for your answers. That helps a lot. I learned the last time I asked a question that I'm supposed to close the thread and mark it as successfully answered, but idk how to do that

February 15, 2019 12:19 a.m.

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