Dimir Spybug


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Uncommon

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Dimir Spybug

Creature — Insect


Menace *(This creature can't be blocked except by two or more creatures.) *

Whenever you surveil, put a +1/+1 counter on Dimir Spybug.

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Dimir Spybug Discussion

alexjustdoit on Dimir Guildkit Upgrade

1 week ago

I think I'd get rid of one or both of the Dimir Guildmages depending on how much you like the card (the ability is a bit expensive for what you get in my opinion). If you like the dual utility of Dimir Guildmage you could also consider swapping it for House Guildmage which I think is a tad better unless you're really hurting for draw abilities. Same with Dinrova Horror, while flavorful 6 cmc for a 4/4 with bounce seems a bit much when you have a good number of counters, removal, or things like Unexplained Disappearance. Of surveil cards, Nightveil Sprite can give you some great mileage out of just one card. As far as Dimir Spybug and Thoughtbound Phantasm, you'll have to make the call if you think its worth it for just one copy of each. From experience playing a Dimir deck I drafted with lots of surveil but only one of each those creatures, they're amazing when you draw them, but also often I had games where I didn't draw them. Or they got immediately removed. Surveil helps filter your deck to get to them faster, so 2 of each would probably make it much better. Up to you.

You could probably replace Dimir Charm with one of the cards I mentioned that you like, since I think the best ability on the charm is usually going to be the counter, followed by the removal, and you have a fair number of counters and some removal already.

Unmoored Ego is cool but if your friends/playgroup are also playing "guild kit" style with few duplicates, then it probably wouldn't make much sense in the deck, unless you have that one pesky friend that's always rocking 3-4x of a particularly annoying card that you need to nip at the bud.

Whispering Snitch and Enhanced Surveillance are also fun if you feel like you're surveiling enough to make it worth it. Though one could also say, if you're surveilling a lot then Enhanced Surveillance is a bit unnecessary overkill.

Also keep in mind, I don't think Whispering Madness would be nearly as useful without something like Notion Thief, outside of a scenario where you only have a couple cards and your opponent/s have a full hand. If the scenario is reversed, you'll only be helping them out. However, with Notion Thief it basically becomes a reusable "opponent discards hand, you discard and redraw a full hand" or some such.

Kinda hard for me to answer specifically "replace A B C with X Y Z" since a deck with few duplicates is generally less consistent in the direction it's trying to go. Some fun cards here though for you to consider.

Oh by the way, I didn't realize this at first so I'll throw this in here in case you didn't already know, but you can bounce Etrata back to your hand after damage to get her whole "hit counter exile" wincon thing and avoid reshuffling her ;)

alexjustdoit on Dimir Guildkit Upgrade

1 week ago

Not much surveil for a Dimir deck, given it's their signature. If you want to go more with the surveil theme I'd highly recommend Dimir Spybug, Thoughtbound Phantasm, and Nightveil Sprite. If you're open to Dimir cards from past Ravnica sets, there's a bunch of cool ones all with the transmute ability (Dimir's old signature ability) like Perplex and Dimir Infiltrator (not the best examples maybe), and others like Notion Thief, Psychic Drain. I could go on and on, Dimir was always my favorite.

hydrothermia on Assassin of Sanity?

2 weeks ago

@pbowen331, I'd say "Welcome to Tapped Out," but you've been here longer than I have.

Etrata can work, but only on non-token creatures, since exiling a token makes them nonexistent. You'll need to work on finding another form of winning condition if the first option isn't possible. I also notice that this is very budgety, is that deliberate?

I'll try to suggest things around that if possible, but I'll will suggest some pricer cards as well. I also don't know how heavy you want to go into Surveil. While I'm not going to name all of them, just the ones that seem useful.

Hopefully that gave you some additional insight on improving your deck.

TheGodofNight on Budget Dimir Aggro

3 weeks ago

Good Morning captainamerica,

I'm not sure I follow the core concept for this deck. So my apologies if you have already fielded this question, or another like it. You call this an aggro deck, however, it is more "reactive" (like a control deck) than "proactive" (like an aggro deck). I only say that because you are running a total of 7 creatures in the main board. I understand your budget constraints, and would like to recommend a budget Dimir Surveil Aggro list to you for consideration.

4 Thoughtbound Phantasm 11 Island 4 Nightveil Sprite 3 Dimir Informant 4 Dimir Spybug 8 Swamp 3 Discovery / Dispersal 4 Thought Erasure 4 Notion Rain 4 Drowned Catacomb instead you could run 4 Dimir Guildgate 3 Sinister Sabotage 3 Cast Down 2 Barrier of Bones 3 Disinformation Campaign

This list would be a little more aggro. I hope this helps.

Thanks! -TGON

Boza on The Guildmage Cycle

4 weeks ago

There is a difference, but honestly, Guildmages were never playable outside of Limited and maybe a few in commander, but never in standard. There is no difference between tapping and not tapping for the ability, unless you want to activate it two or more times. And if you can afford to activate your guildmage twice in any format, you are probably already winning.

In constructed, even though the guildmages have to tap, I think that it is OK. League Guildmage is great in Limited and both abilities are OK in Standard, where you can never realistically expect to activate the ability twice.

Legion Guildmage having the ability to push early damage with its first ability and late game damage with its second one is exactly what the guild wants to do in Limited.

Selesnya Guildmage is less useful, but your Rosemane Centaurs having trample or not is a really big deal. Heck, your Flight of Equenauts being chumped by a Bird token from Murmuring Mystic feels awful. And the second ability takes over the lategame in a stalemate.

Swarm Guildmage has two very useful abilities. The small ability is useful versus aggro, where golgari really struggles to trade efficiently. The large ability is useful as a game ender. Making Vigorspore Wurm unblockable is a huge deal that has won me multiple games. And in combination with something like Izoni, Thousand-Eyed, it is amazing.

House Guildmage being an instant-speed source of surveil at a good price is incredibly important in the early game to power up your Disinformation Campaign and Dimir Spybug and filtering away lands in the late game. Locking down a powerful creature is an underestimated ability.

TLDR - They have uses which you have chosen to dismiss for unknown reasons. Maybe not as much in commander (though I would still have both Swarm Guildmage and Korozda Guildmage in my izoni deck) though.

Hexaflexagon on Ravager

1 month ago

Vraska's Contempt would be a good replacement. Also, I'd much rather Chemister's Insight than Notion Rain. If you also want Enigma Drake and Crackling Drake to work well, you'll need more than 18 combined Instants and Sorceries. I suggest taking out Dimir Spybug, as you don't have much repeatable Surveil (ie: Nightveil Sprite).

For your mana base, why don't you add Watery Grave, Steam Vents, and Dragonskull Summit?

Good Luck!

xhuggels on Bolas Infiltrates Dimir

1 month ago

It entirely depends on what you want to do most. I would suggest first decide whether you want to mill or surveil. If you want to mill, you will want to either go mono blue or blue/black in a control shell(lots of counter and killspells), with 3 copies of Psychic Corrosion and Patient Rebuilding, with maybe 1 or two copies of Fleet Swallower, but usually mill decks dont rin creatures. If you want to surveil there are two ways you can go. You can go the blue/black discard route, where you play 4 copies of Disinformation Campaign and Thought Erasure, with Unmoored Ego in the sideboard. For creatures you wil want 2 copies Dream Eater, and 4 copies of Doom Whisperer, along with some Nightveil Predator, for 8-9 creatures total. If you are on a budget use more Dream Eater and less or no Doom Whisperer. The rest of the cards will just be killspells and surveil like Discovery / Dispersal and Notion Rain. The other way you can go wth surveil is the creature heavy way with 4 copies of Dimir Spybug, Thoughtbound Phantasm and Nightveil Sprite or House Guildmage. There are lots of other surveil creatures you can add as well, but your main focus would be to make Dimir Spybug or Thoughtbound Phantasm big enough to win you the game.

One final way you can go, that awkwardly enough can combine both mill and surveil in a decent way is to go with blue/black Drowned Secrets and Thief of Sanity and Lazav, the Multifarious. You will want all your spells to have blue in them, so no black only spells. Many of the blue/black spells we have in standard do have something to do with surveil, and you can use surveil to find these key cards so you can mill them real bad.

Minihorror227 on Dimir Mid Range

1 month ago

hey guys, thank you for commenting on the deck

Argy, ya i dont have the money for the Doom Whisperer. with that said, i dont have the money for that Golgari deck as well. also, i have considered Walk the Plank, however, i have 2 merfolk decks at my lgs, which is why i went Cast Down instead and i had Moment of Craving over Dead Weight for a little lifegain since there are some Boros aggro decks and a burn deck as well. And lastly, when it comes to Search for Azcanta  Flip and Notion Rain, which is the better choice for the deck, and what should they replace? I already have 3 Search for Azcanta  Flip that i can put in, just need to know what to replace.

skoobysnackz and Drakorya, i've added in 4x Dimir Spybug and took out the Nightveil Predator and 1 copy of Disinformation Campaign. i have also added 2 Detection Tower to get around hexproof

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