Cosi's Trickster


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Zendikar Rare

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Cosi's Trickster

Creature — Merfolk Wizard

Whenever an opponent shuffles his or her library, you may put a +1/+1 counter on Cosi's Trickster.

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Cosi's Trickster Discussion

brewtzar on Merfolk?

1 month ago

I really liked your suggestion of Cosi's Trickster and used it in tonight's modern, but then immediately afterwards I did some nice trades for a playset of Cursecatchers and a pair of Mutavaults, so that's pretty nice and deals with that issue. I also adjusted the mainboard/sideboard a little per some of your instructions, and that worked out fairly well, so thank you! That said, land disruption seems to be very effective in this meta, so I'll be trying to keep Sea's Claims around as well as Spreading Seas, although in lesser quantity.

calvinwarning on Merfolk?

1 month ago

Honestly my go to for a budget one drop is Cosi's Trickster, because fetchlands are prominent in modern especially in multicolored decks which allows Trickster to get big very fast. I never really have an issue with getting a lord out for islandwalk either because generally having eight of them in the deck makes it an incredibly likely and consistent chance of pulling one as long as you have a reliable draw engine. Triton Shorestalker is just a better version of Merfolk Spy in my opinion since it's a guaranteed unblockable and Spy's reveal ability doesn't have anything to do with your general game plan because it's not like you're running any sort of hand disruption either. Cursecatcher just offers such great utility but until you can get it, run Cosi's Trickster.

As for counterspells, you can't really go wrong with either of them. I personally use Spell Pierce in my deck, but Spell Snare is useful since it can almost always cancel someone's turn two play. I would cut Sea's Claim and add in two to three Spell Pierce and one to two Spell Snare.

brewtzar on Merfolk?

1 month ago

Hey, thank you calvinwarning for all of the suggestions! I'm definitely planning on upgrading to Cursecatchers and adding more Aether Vials, but as you said they are quite expensive.

I'm curious what you think of Cosi's Trickster vs Merfolk Spy vs Triton Shorestalker, the three budget one-drops I've been trying to pick from. I figure with the added land disruption of the Sea's Claims then Merfolk Spy is basically generally unblockable, but with Cosi's Trickster you need one of the lords around and with the removed Sea's Claims you'll probably need one of only four land disruptors. Perhaps it would make sense to side in Merfolk Spys against blue decks?

Also, what do you think of Spell Pierce vs Spell Snare for mainboard?

Thank you for all of you help!

calvinwarning on Merfolk?

1 month ago

Cool decklist. I've been playing modern merfolk for a few years now and I would recommend running Cursecatcher or Cosi's Trickster over Merfolk Spy. Spy is okay but its ability doesn't do enough in my opinion, and once you get a Lord out on the battlefield its islandwalk ability just becomes redundant. Also I'd try to up your Merrow Reejerey count up to four by moving Kira, Great Glass-Spinner to your sideboard or cutting it since you have one sideboarded already. I know it's expensive too but a playset of Aether Vial will really turn your deck into a tempo powerhouse. Until you can get that though, I would cut your Sea's Claim entirely and replace it with counterspells like Mana Leak, Spell Snare, or Spell Pierce.

Yuri200X on Modern Blue White Tempo

5 months ago

dude, there are 3 ilegal cards: Daze, Force Spike and Swords to Plowshares... they are valid in legacy, not modern.

But you can replace them... unfortunately Daze doesn't have an equivalent in modern. But the other 2 have:

Also you could enhance your mana base with Wanderwine Hub and a couple Hallowed Fountains.

And I think Phantasmal Image would be a nice addition.

What do you think of Aether Vial, it's quite common in Merfolk decks as well as Cavern of Souls.

There's also Cosi's Trickster that becomes very good in a meta full of fetchlands and tutors.

cobalt127 on Do you like shuffling? And dying while doing so?

5 months ago

I love the idea for this, one card you might want to consider is Cosi's Trickster, it looks like it wouldn't take too long for it to get big.

mr_funk on G/U Collected Counters

7 months ago

any thoughts on Lorescale Coatl?thinking of creatures to add to your early game, possibly Steel Wall? 4 toughness could evolve some guys and hold off some early attackers.

other options include:Aquastrand Spider, Bond Beetle, Chronomaton, Clockwork Beetle, Cosi's Trickster, Experiment One, Kavu Predator (SB), Mistcutter Hydra (SB), Mold Adder (SB), Nurturer Initiate, Primordial Hydra, Protean Hydra, Quirion Dryad, Scavenging Ooze (SB or Main), Shape Stealer (super goofy with +1/+1 counters), Slitherhead, Vastwood Hydra, Vinelasher Kudzu

if you decide to go down the "hydra" road, i would recommend Gyre Sage for added mana production/sink value.

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