Contract from Below

Contract from Below


Remove Contract from Below from your deck before playing if you're not playing for ante.

Discard your hand, add the top card of your library to the ante, then draw seven cards.

Contract from Below Discussion

Caerwyn on TypicalTimmy

7 months ago

I am on my phone, and did not feel like formatting a card response via mobile, so I’ll respond to your question here.

The “remove if not playing for ante” cards fall into two categories. The first involves the ante zone, which is as you described - the winner keeps all the cards in that zone. The second is ownership changing effects - there are two cards, Tempest Efreet and Timmerian Fiends that allow you to become the owner of another’s card. Ante was removed from the game pretty quickly as it runs afoul of many gambling laws - we only ever had the Ante Nine printed.

Notably, the single most powerful card draw spell, by an order of magnitude, ever printed is an ante card - Contract from Below .

Caerwyn on What cards do MTG players ...

8 months ago

I'm with SynergyBuild on this one. Demonic Attorney speaks to me on a personal level, and Contract from Below is the single best draw card ever printed (take that Ancestral Recall !). I completely understand why they were removed from the game--after all, there's lots of places where playing for ante would be illegal--but that does not mean they are not fun.

I've thought of putting together a cube with lots of Ante cards, so you're constantly getting new cards to add to your draft pool/loosing cards from your pool, requiring you to use the junk you picked up. I have not had time to give the project the attention it deserves though, so it's sitting on the back burner.

I've also said it before, and I'll say it again--any card with banding. It's a really neat ability, but just doesn't have the support necessary to make it shine. I'd love a banding-based Commander precon, but doubt that will ever happen.

SynergyBuild on What cards do MTG players ...

8 months ago

God that Contract from Below power!!

Timmerian Fiends :D

I played a list that went infinite casts of Demonic Attorney and then passed to let the opponent draw a card and instantly took their entire deck. The deck ran other insane cards too, but I just love that I can take someone's deck. Forever. Legally.

Lord_Khaine on The Ultimate Budget Way to Troll EVERYONE

1 year ago

King_Sparis I like your style.

I sadly can't bring in Contract from Below with Death Wish, otherwise I'd start casting it repeatedly and using Hive Mind and Volrath's Dungeon to ante my opponent's entire collection, countering my own Contract from Below with Lullmage Mentor.

MutaliskLord4 on How to put as many ...

2 years ago

I heard that One with Nothing helps a lot with card-draw... Also Contract from Below is such a good card at drawing cards that it was banned in vintage :D

NinjaMonkeey on Death and discard

2 years ago

I totally thought Contract from Below was Sign in Blood which makes it much better with Shadow of the Grave.

Jbay113 on Death and discard

2 years ago

Green is what enables discard with Noose Constrictor, Wild Mongrel, and Lotleth Troll. Contract from Below and Shadow of the Graverefuel hand. The payoff can be huge, turn 1: mountain + flameblade adept,turn 2 swamp/forest + oblivion crown/wild mongrel/noose constrictor, 3. Discard 3 cards leaving 2 play contract from below discard your last card get 7 new then hopefully hit Shadow of the grave or another contract discard 24 or 19 cards play distemper for a lot of damage.

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