Corrupted Roots


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Conflux Uncommon

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Corrupted Roots

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant Forest or Plains

Whenever enchanted land becomes tapped, its controller loses 2 life.

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Corrupted Roots Discussion

nicochulo on F*** lands amirite? (UB)

2 weeks ago

clayperce Didn't know Ghost Quarter was so cheap,I thought it was going to be like 2 dollars each,I'll consider it.

And about Evil Presence I've been thinking about sideboarding that in against mono blue decks,I've also seen Corrupted Roots which I should also sideboard,now that I think about it

Saintaro on For Assholes Only

2 months ago

I used a deck similar to this on my kitchen table a little while ago. Good to see I'm not the only asshole out there. Great minds think alike. +1 for sure. For a sideboard might I suggest Corrupted Roots should they run plains or forests. Mana Web is also a nice way to force them to tap their lands, especially when used with Pendrell Mists. I found Fatestitcher to be more reliable than Icy Manipulator. I would suggest Psychic Venom over Copy Enchantment for another poison for cheaper. Mana Short is always a nice finisher after you've posioned their lands.

Tyrant-Thanatos on For Assholes Only

2 months ago

Sea's Claim and Spreading Seas could make good sideboard cards against black, which doesn't really care about having its lands turned to swamps. Corrupted Roots could be sideboarded as additional land enchants, or cheaper land enchants against certain decks.

You could also just consider a handful of swampwalkers, they would also counter black, and could even be used alongside Evil Presence or Contaminated Ground. Quag Vampires are nice.

Icbrgr on Budget Black Land Destruction Help

3 months ago

Yeah i know $100 is low but this is meant to be a more casual than competetive deck (For now). But yeah Im thinking black is my best option considering my budget in terms of what tools/cards are available. Over time I may consider working my way in to getting more dual lands and work my way into some red with down the road aquireing Blood Moon. I love your suggestion of Corrupted Roots and Drain the Well appears to be a strictly better Caustic Rain so I definity need to make a spot for those. Helldozer looks hillarious. Im going to stick with Abyssal Persecutor for the time being but i will keep him in mind. I currently am using Evil Presence others which is why i am trying to avoid Smallpox for now. but perhaps in the future when i break away from those enchant land effects i will work with it. especially because i already own a playset of them and it pains me seeing them unused.Thanks for those courtesy links for the ideas and thank you for taking the time to post!

sylvannos on Budget Black Land Destruction Help

3 months ago

Hmmm...$100 is pretty low. That means no Life from the Loam, Fulminator Mage, or even dual lands.

Are you set on keeping this mono-black? There's a lot to be gained from adding red or green, not just because of expensive cards. Green gives you ramp so you can turn 2 Rain of Tears and work your way up to a Death Cloud. Red gives you more land destruction (specifically Molten Rain and Avalanche Riders), plus the absolutely insane Goblin Dark-Dwellers.

If you're staying mono-black, I'd suggest building around Smallpox. You can get your opponent low with Abyssal Persecutor, then finish out the game when it gets sacrificed. It also creates a lot of value when your opponent has to sacrifice a creature.

Smallpox gets even more value when you couple it with Solemn Simulacrum and Filigree Familiar.

Some other cards to consider:

Also check out Budget Magic over at MtG Goldfish. Here is a deck built around Death Cloud that's actually pretty good from what I've seen at my local shop. And here is R/G Land Destruction to give you some more ideas.

shinobigarth on Attack and you shall die.

9 months ago

you might think about Corrupted Roots and Pooling Venom in sideboard against control. because you'll want to swap out most of the creature auras since they wont be playing many creatures but they will need to tap lands of course.

freakingShane on When Nightmares Become Memories | B Control

1 year ago

If you want more cruel control for your opponents, I'd recommend these cards (I put them in any B cruel control):

Artifact Possession, Contaminated Ground, Corrupted Roots, and Pooling Venom. Tinker with the amounts for these, but use them possibly with a boost from Icy Manipulator and/or Mana Web.

I have seen a Legacy deck that runs these solely (plus 0/1 walls with regenerate) and they win from all the damage dealt through this.

Just a suggestion that you may wanna look into or tinker with. Hope ya like it!

bomley20 on Life Leach deck

1 year ago

You might want to look at Rhox Faithmender, Beacon of Immortality, and Boon Reflection to gain even more life. Erebos, God of the Dead will stop your opponents from gaining life and you can use it to draw cards if you need to. Exsanguinate, Leechridden Swamp, Polluted Bonds, and Blood Tribute would help with dealing damage and gaining life from everyone. painful quandry and Temporal Extortion give your opponent the ability to choose between damage or something that will benefit you and can cause them to have to make some difficult choices. Underworld Dreams functions similar to Fate Unraveler is a nice source of damage every time they draw. It punishes people for drawing several cards while being cheaper to play and not being affected by most common board wipes. I would personally replace Corrupted Roots with Contaminated Ground because it can hit more lands. Serra Avatar could become pretty big in your deck as long as you can keep your life up. if you want another card similar to Felidar Sovereign, look at Test of Endurance. You need 50 instead of 40 but it could possibly be another win con for you.