Blade Sliver

Blade Sliver

Creature — Sliver

All Sliver creatures get +1/+0.

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Set Rarity
Legions (LGN) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Blade Sliver Discussion

Sectiron on The First Sliver to the Last Sliver

7 months ago

Hi Jasinatael,

In creating this deck I researched numerous things to get started. Among these I looked at other sliver decks and on gatherer I went through all 0 cost cards, slivers and changelings. Unfortunately Taurean Mauler , like Chameleon Colossus , didn't make the cut. I avoided it because I preferred pump cards that have a more global effect rather than buffing just itself. This is because Taurean Mauler on its own can be blocked by a single creature if we don't have evasion or can be simply killed off when it becomes a problem. Furthermore it doesn't have an immediate effect on the board, for our fast/surprise kills, while the lords such as Predatory Sliver , Sinew Sliver , Muscle Sliver and Blade Sliver .

However, the card does seem interesting in the way that it can draw destruction away from The First Sliver , being able to get out of hand relatively quickly. For now I probably won't run it, but it might be a good option in future.


ERoss8 on Mark Rosewater on Eldrazi, Slivers, ...

1 year ago

They aren’t even hiding the huge Bolas v. Gatewatch throwdown in Ravnica 3. If they haven’t come out and said it (which they might have, I’m not sure), it’s as close to official as you can get. No Phyrexians there!

Currently, the Eldrazi are finished. Two have been killed, and the other content with imprisonment on Innistrad’s moon. Highly unlikely that they do anything with them anytime soon.

Slivers (I believe) are indigenous to Rath. They first made an appearance in Tempest block, which is set on Rath. They came to Dominaria during the Invasion, and are connected to the Riptide project, as seen in Blade Sliver. Since then, they have appeared in Core Sets (and Time Spiral, but... Time Spiral), making me think that they aren’t currently a major villain, and Wizards isn’t considering them as a major player. They are also confined to Dominaria, and we just went back with none appearing, so there’s that.

And then Phyrexia. Phyrexia under Yawgmoth is dead, and has been for years. With Scars of Mirrodin, a new breed of Phyrexians was created/was there all along. The story leaves off with the Phyrexians taking over most of the plane, and only a few remain fighting them, including Koth of the Hammer. It appears that they’re story on Mirrodin is over, considering they’ve basically won, but that doesn’t mean they are. According to Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite’s flavor text, they are aware of other planes, and want to “convert” them to. In addition, in the Dominaria story, Karn digs up the Golgothian Sylex (I think?) to blow the plane of New Phyrexia to hell. So not only can the story be taken different ways, Wizards acknowledges their presence as a current threat, unlike say Tibalt.

Ultimately, I’d say that the Eldrazi and Slivers are unlikely to be touched (unless in a supplemental set, as was mentioned), but it wouldn’t surprise me to see the Phyrexians as the next big baddie after Bolas is triumphant or defeated in the last Ravnica set.

External (non-lore wise) motivation may come from popularity. I’m not sure of exact numbers or what have you, although they exist (see: Maro’s Storm scale and Rabiah scale articles I’m to lazy to look up), but Scars block was fairly popular, and ultimately, the fan base voted for the Phyrexians to win. Infect is a very parasitic and problematic mechanic, so it’s unlikely that it’d come back, but there is much more they can do there that they could bring the Phyrexians back with it returning.

ZendikariWol on Ultimate Slivers Theme Deck

2 years ago

So first off, slivers CAN be good and not broken. The key is which you use. To achieve this end, here are a few slivers that would create a more solid gameplay experience but have an at least okay deck. I can help with the others too, but for now we'll talk about this.

Anything that just buffs the team: Predatory Sliver, Megantic Sliver, Might Sliver, Battle Sliver, Armor Sliver and Barbed Sliver, Blade Sliver, Bonesplitter Sliver, Muscle Sliver, and Sinew Sliver are all pretty cool, but a standout for me, a SUPER fun sliver to play: Firewake Sliver.

Abilities that aren't too broken include Blur Sliver, Belligerent Sliver, Cautery Sliver, Gemhide Sliver and Manaweft Sliver, Groundshaker Sliver, Heart Sliver, Leeching Sliver, Necrotic Sliver, Quick Sliver, Reflex Sliver, Sentinel Sliver, Striking Sliver, Syphon Sliver, Two-Headed Sliver, Venom Sliver.

Consider making this deck pauper? It would probably limit it enough to be fair.

Qxarq on Sliver Overlord Tribal

2 years ago

I love slivers more than most players. It seems like your deck has a lot of slivers in it, which is good, but I feel like in some cases you need an reason to put it in besides the fact that it's a sliver. I run a bizarre kind of sliver token deck though, so in mine, I only run 17 or so slivers, so take everything I have to say with a grain of salt.

Slivers that aren't that great:

  • Blade Sliver
  • Dementia Sliver (I guess if you like it, you should keep it)
  • Essence Sliver (this one sounds nuts, but I run Aura Shards over this, simply because it's strictly better. There is the fact that you can't tutor for it with overlord, but for me, I have the problem that essence sliver doesn't have "may," so sometimes I end up killing a lot of my own stuff. Still there's an argument to be made for it.
  • Screeching Sliver (I just don't know why this card is in here. It seems like a pretty non-synergistic effect. I also feel like even if you had a lot of slivers, it would take you an ass ton of time to mill someone out by tapping them all in EDH)

Other things to take out:

  • Staff of Nin (I like this card in mono-red, but that's about it. since you have access to all the colors, there's a huge amount of cards you have access to that are just better than this card. Find something that works well with your deck. I like Fecundity, but I'm in tokens. There's a lot in blue that are great. Mind Unbound will draw you a lot of cards (a lot more than the staff). and has the same CMC, but it does have double blue. I even like Phyrexian Arena in this deck.
  • Hive Stirrings. (I'm in sliver tokens and I don't really love this card. Just a lot of other effects i'd rather have for 3 mana. Maybe a Mirror Entity or an Phyrexian Arena)
  • Venser's Journal (I love this card, but not in this deck. I just feel like there's not enough card draw, hand size shenannagins to make use of this card. If you added like 10 more card draw spells then sure, good pick)

Stuffs to Add:

(Note: given the sliver legion and queen, it seemed like money wasn't much of an issue, so some of these picks aren't exactly budget)

  • Brood Sliver (Where is this guy? seriously, he's great.)
  • Cryptolith Rite (take out Springleaf Drum. Cryptolith Rite costs one more and is strictly better.)
  • Amoeboid Changeling (I think I know what you're going for with Unnatural Selection. If you want though, you can even tutor it out, since amoeboid is a changeling and therefore a sliver. I only do this when I feel like I absolutely have to or I feel like being a dick. depends on your meta, but I try not to overuse this ability too much.)
  • Crypt Sliver (just...yes....)
  • Crystalline Sliver (this has a downside if you need to target your stuff, so don't drop it unless you need to. I feel like this is a better slot in than blade sliver or some of the lower end pumps. If you need to, only play him when you already have a sliver with a sac outlet on the battlefield)
  • Mesmeric Sliver (depending on how many slivers you can drop, this gets pretty nuts. just always make opponents draw land.)
  • Shifting Sliver (THIS MUST GO IN. Like seriously though. just drop this and win.)
  • Coat of Arms (Most EDH decks only have access to one of these effects, but yours can have access to two with sliver legion in the deck too. I know this pumps everyone's tribal, so just have more of your tribe and you're good. Also you only have to drop this when you want to swing for lethal. Might be a good slot instead of Venser's Journal or something.)

Some nuts busted cards:

  • Cryptic Gateway. (this is nuts. I love it)
  • Cauldron of Souls (this is a super underrated card. When I go in and retune my deck, this is going in)
  • Wild Pair (since you like cryptic gateway, you might like this card. didn't make it into mine, because i'm pretty low on slivers, but slivers always have the same power and toughness, making it really easy to use this card.)

Great deck. I'd love to hear what you think of my sliver tokens deck. I haven't tweaked it in a while so there's some obvious slot in's from Ixalan at least that need to go in.

Thanks for sharing :)

failurechild88 on Grantley91

4 years ago

From your foil wants I've got potentially...

and non-foil wants...

which is about 6 bucks in total. Would you trade these for your Remand, Evolution Vat, and Magosi, the Waterveil? I've got some other junk rares in my binder to sweeten the deal.

Mortlocke on Slivers: Swarmed by the Hive

4 years ago

If you're going for a more "Aggro" style deck then I think you should forgo alot of the control aspects of the deck in favor of cards that will increase the deck's speed. Start by adding in more ramp elements: Kodama's Reach, Cultivate, Rampant Growth are just some examples. You'll have to infuse the deck with more . Adding in some more aggressive creatures will also do the trick. Chameleon Colossus might be worth looking into. I'd start swapping out Slivers like Constricting Sliver because it's not aggro, and it's insanely slow. It's the most expensive creature you have in the deck, and its not the style you're going for. I'd pop in Blade Sliver, or Horned Sliver. Actually, scratch that. You NEED Horned Sliver. Telekinetic Sliver is too slow for it's bonus. I'd use Blur Sliver or Sedge Sliver. Honestly, this deck would look more and by the time i'd be done with it...but you have too many control elements in here to make it a proper aggro deck.