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Ultimate Slivers Theme Deck

Casual* BRGW


This is the Ultimate Slivers Theme Deck, part of a collection of Casual decks designed for balanced, fun multiplayer games. Each deck is inspired by a single character or theme. Every card in the deck was selected for being a flavor-win, or for maximizing the gameplay that this deck wants to achieve.

This deck spotlights the mindless mass known as the Sliver Hive. It's a White-Black-Red-Green Tribal Sliver deck, with an aggressive tinge.

Note: Although Slivers have appeared in all 5 colors, for this deck I avoided Blue, as I don't feel it fits the flavor of Slivers very well.

"Though the slivers may sometimes resemble us, they are not human. Anyone who fights them must remember this." - Sarlena, paladin of the Northern Verge


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