Eater of the Dead


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Oldschool 93/94 Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters Edition (MED) Common
The Dark (DRK) Uncommon

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Eater of the Dead

Creature — Horror

(0): If Eater of the Dead is tapped, untap it and remove target creature card in a graveyard from the game.

Eater of the Dead Discussion

S1ayerMonkey on Phenax Mill Deck

3 months ago

dude you need Eater of the Dead it's a house

VampiricTooter on Phenax Mill

3 months ago

Eater of the Dead you are welcome.

carlmoores on Mairsil's Jail for Combos

5 months ago

He's right. I should have explained the Mirror-Mad - Mairsil interaction better. I'm not a fan of the combo myself due to it's anti-climactic, table groan inducing nature and no longer play it. Though I missed Mirror-Mad's ability, when not caged, to dump a large portion of your library into your GY, which is why I now run Traumatize

"yeah sure in a causal meta you can win, but at the expense of ending up with no library" If you have won, what does it matter if you have no library? You're not eliminating people one by one, you're peeling cards off and going "you're dead, you're dead, you're dead. GG" at instant speed I disagree with your appraisal of the validity and usefulness of the Necro-Ooze-Triskelion-Devourer combo. Mairsil will never be able to be a cEDH level commander but this is a combo that has and does appear in the cEDH meta. He has a built in slowness that just does not allow for it, however, if facing high-end-but-not-quite cEDH decks this combo provides a quick and easy path to victory. I have ended the game with this many times on turn 3-5 and a few on turn 2 thanks to Dark Ritual. The fact the cards are exiled is irrelevant since it's a game-ending play that is very difficult to disrupt since the ability can just respond to removal as many times as you please. You DO have to be conscious of which opponents can likely respond though. Always do the removal-light decks and people who are tapped out last.

A sample play of this combo, when an opponent attempts to disrupt it: You have self-milled for ten and the opponent is at 3. He says: "In response, Terminate Necrotic Ooze" You have to start over since every activation before the Terminate is not going to resolve now, but you respond by activating the ability again as many times as you please. If a game has gone deep likely the other players have reduced eachother's life totals enough so that the CMC in your deck will be enough to finish the job and in the early game it will always be enough as your combined CMC in deck is always going to far, far exceed 120.

One thing with this deck that you will find is that most people don't know how to play against him and you will notice people make plays that, if done correctly, would screw you massively, but aren't and so you just keep trucking along. The same is true for the Necro Ooze combo. Well timed removal completely fucks you over, but the VAST majority of the time people will be impulsive and blow the removal before they need to. Also remember you're going to be running at least a half dozen low CMC counterspells. Usually if someone disrupts the combo when people try to respond you say "Swan Song/ Intervene/ Negate" etc. and keep on going.

Since ^^^ brought it up. My meta is far from casual. I'd put it somewhere far above 75% but not quite cEDH because we think Flash Hulk builds and Chain Veil Teferi are bullshit decks and games that consistently end on turn three are pointless. Last Friday my kitchen table featured Brago Stax MLD, an Emrakul deck that runs every expensive mana rock plus Lion's Eye Diamond and can easily drop Emra or Kozilek turn 3 and often does as well as my brutally oppressive Aminatou build. I don't know why he felt the previous commentator felt it necessary to try to dismiss my meta based on nothing but an incorrect guess, but for clarity, my kitchen table meta would make most players rage quit, and Mairsil does fine. Winning about 1/4th of the time. The meta at the 3 LGS's I play at isn't nearly as ruthless and I'd put Mairsil's winning % at about 40% and when I play there I will make sub-optimal plays, not establish the Nevinyrral's Disk-Lock, wheel away game-ending cage targets etc. in the name of letting other people have a good time. You will know if your Mairsil deck is good when you're playing Archenemy based purely on the decks reputation against three good decks and still winning a great deal of the time.

Cinderhaze Witch is pretty good. Though to abuse his discard ability you need Quicksilver Elemental or Mirage Mirror in the cage, which severely limits it and it's Untap activation is inferior to Eater of the Dead 's. I'll try it myself, but I don't have high hopes as, generally, if you have Quicksilver in the cage you want to be winning the game outright OR you don't want to be tying up precious blue mana forcing a single card discard when your opponents likely have a full grip of cards. Remember, one of your complaints was being durdley. This is a durdley card in this deck. This could be a tutor, or a combo piece or removal or a counterspell. It's super sub-optimal.

One final recommendation: Casual staple Zur's Weirding . Because you run Mairsil you automatically break symmetry on this card "oh no, don't make me discard a cage target!" meanwhile you make sure opponents NEVER draw removal or counters. The life investment is worth it. Is being hated by your play group? That's your call. hahaha

carlmoores on Mairsil's Jail for Combos

5 months ago

For replacing the infinite mana combos I have a few suggestions.

1: Mirror-Mad Phantasm and Laboratory Maniac .

This one you need to be holding counters for, so it's de facto more complicated then I prefer. Basically you use the stack with this one so sequence is everything. 1: Play Lab Man 2:Activate a draw a card caged ability or play a card draw spell 3: In response, activate Mairsil's caged MMP ability and shuffle Mairsil into your deck 4: Put your entire deck into your graveyard since a card named "Mirror-Mad Phantasm" is not in your deck (the wording on the ability reverts back to "mirror-Mad Phantasm" as soon as Mairsil leaves play, even though the ability is on the Stack. 5: The card draw resolves and you win because you have no card to draw and Lab Man is on board.

The additional advantage of running the Phantasm is that he acts as a risky AF version of Traumatize ing yourself if you cast him and activate. You may reveal him ten cards from the top, but also maybe 80 cards from the top.

2: Sage of Hours and Anthroplasm infinite turn lock.

Technically not game ending and slightly mana intensive but once you have demonstrated that unless the opponents can remove Mairsil you have established a lock all but the most stubborn opponents will scoop.

3: Necrotic Ooze + Phyrexian Devourer + Triskelion / Walking Ballista The Diversion.

Technically not a Mairsil combo but synergizes with many cards you will be running anyway, specifically Buried Alive . I have found this combo makes the deck far more deadly because it 1: Doesn't rely on the Commander and 2: Is incredibly hard to interfere with. If you need an explanation of how it works, ask and I'll elaborate but it's a pretty well known combo that appears in a lot of decks. I definitely recommend running Chainer, Dementia Master and possibly some GY recursion like Reanimate and Animate Dead though if you're going to run this.

On the subject of the wheels and Niv-Mizzet/ Locust God/ you forgot Nekusar. You could just do that as a different deck TBH.If I was going to play one, and you should be hard up for slots by this point really so I would only pick one, I'd go with Locust God as he provides chump blockers and if removed can be caged. Also, most smart players will remove Nekusar on sight.

As for counters: Perfect. Turn Aside and Negate are exactly the type of cards I'm talking about.

You're right. Most of the cuts have to do with the fact they're infinite mana enablers but not much use besides that. As for the two you specifically mentioned, Deadeye is just a personal bias. I think his CMC is too high in a deck where mana, especially blue mana, is such a precious resource. He's amazing when you can get him online (though not perfect, he doesn't do anything against board wipes) my concern is getting him on board able to protect himself AND Mairsil from one removal spell is 8 mana. Think of it this way, if Deadeye Nav said "to cast this card tap all your lands and skip this turn you may not cast instants or play abilities until your next turn" would you play him? I imagine the answer is no, but that is pretty much his casting cost in a deck where keeping a few lands open as much as possible is so important.

As for the poltergeist, your protection via caged effects should be limited to the littlest slots possible, this deck is trying to accomplish alot and 100 card syndrome hits is hard and even though Cavern Harpy and Thalakos Scout are 100 times better as caged protection, even that is not the best case scenario. This deck CAN live without Aetherling, but it is arguably the most important card in the deck. Protecting Mairsil doesn''t amount to much if you aren't caging things while you do it. I'm looking at Poltergeist and going "That slot could be a Corpse Connoisseur that gets me Aetherling or a combo piece" (This is where your deck durdling comes in)

Finally, here's my suggestions to add in terms of creatures and I'll give each a quick purpose blurb

Thalakos Scout : Said already Corpse Connoisseur : Tutor, chump blocker, tutor again Eater of the Dead : Untaps. Eats recursion targets in GY decks. Dralnu: Recycles boardwipes, tutors, card draw Magus of the Wheel : Obvious Notion Thief : Robs opponents of card draw, draws hate, combos with any wheel Pestilent Souleater : Mana free Infect as a backup plan. Traumatize : Mass cage targets if not running the MMP/ Lab Man combo Telepathy Knowledge is SO powerful in Mairsil Azami, Lady of Scrolls : Card draw that doesn't need Haste. Galecaster Colossus : Also cheats Haste, faux-removal. Crypt Rats Faux board wipe. Lim-Dul's Vault Cheap faux tutor Glacial Chasm Stalling tactic. Hard to remove, one card pillowfort

Anyway, that's all I have for now. Once again, check out the MTG Muddstah video's featuring Harry's Mairsil deck, you'll find it very enlightening. Hope you start enjoying the deck more and let me know how it works out if you stick with it.

S1ayerMonkey on Still Just a Rat in a Cage

5 months ago

Thanks guys! Nice call on the Search for Azcanta  Flip and Eater of the Dead . Neither of those had even crossed my mind

ZendikariWol on Still Just a Rat in a Cage

5 months ago

I know this is a Christmas Dreamland thing but Avatar of Woe + Eater of the Dead ? Feldon of the Third Path is great- especially if you have cards in your grave already. Illusionist's Bracers would be bat-shit here. Training Grounds or Heartstone are nice.

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Eater of the Dead occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%