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Best 100$ Budget "Tier-1 Styled" 5 Color Mana Base

Commander / EDH* Budget Casual Five Color Multiplayer Primer Theme/Gimmick




This list includes Fetch Lands as well as Dual Lands with Basic Land Types just like Tier-1 Mana Bases! It's quite a bit slower than Tier-1, but it's hard to complain when you're saving so much money to play a casual format like EDH.

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All the lands in the mana base fall into at least one of these four categories:

Provides Any Color Mana:

Lands in Graveyard Synergy:

Basic Land Type Synergy:

Actual Basic Land:

  • Taplands: x15 or 37.5%
  • Checkland: x10 or 25%
  • Untapped: x15 or 37.5%
  • Fetch: x8 or 20%
  • Land: x32 or 80%
Number of Lands which have or fetch:

  • Forest: x13 or 32.5% of Mana Base
  • Island: x12 or 30%
  • Plains: x12 or 30%
  • Mountain: x12 or 30%
  • Swamp: x11 or 27.5%
Number of Lands which produce or fetch:

  • : x23 or 57.5% of Mana Base
  • : x22 or 55%
  • : x22 or 55%
  • : x22 or 55%
  • : x22 or 55%
  • : x7 or 17.5%
There are 8 Total Slots Available for a 5 Card Land Cycle with a 40 card Mana Base.

"Allied" Color Cycles: 3 Slots

  • Mirage Tap-Fetch
  • Battle for Zendikar Check Duals
  • Amonkhet Cycling Duals

"Enemy" Color Cycles: 2 Slots

  • Innistrad Check Duals
  • Apocalypse Pain Lands

Basic Land: 1 Slot

Misc. Multi Color Lands: 2 Slots

I have included a bunch of "Honorable Mentions" in the maybeboard. Many of which are potentially better than a bunch of the "Specialty Multi Lands" that are in the list right now, depending on your deck. For example, Spire of Industry needs artifacts to be good, Thran Quarry needs creatures, etc. Use the list to customize the mana base to maximize synergy with your deck.
The price fluctuates constantly, and it was also much cheaper when I first made this list. Price breakdown does not include x5 basic lands.

  • Approx. Total for 35 Cards: $100.00
  • Avg. Price Per Card: $2.85

I hope they finish the incomplete land cycles we are using here soon. All three of the "allied" color land cycles are great but the colors available are limiting. And I want them to reprint shocklands and the good fetches and OG dual lands like a million times until they are cheapo and we can get as many as we want to use forever.

Any budget friendly suggestions are much appreciated! Especially when suggestions are accompanied by reasons and ideas of what to swap out! Thanks.

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