♪She's a Soul Steeper... Tea Drinker!♪ as Dylan would say.

Anyroad, where was I?

Ah, yes, Dina, Soul Steeper, the beautiful Dryad Druid that has just come into my life. The Golgari darling herself. I never particularly cared for Golgari; I didn't dislike it, nor did I particularly love it. I liked the treefolk in those colours, but that was pretty much it. But, this. Dina. A Dryad Druid?! How could I say no to that? I just had to make a deck for her.


Dina! With plenty of piddly little life gain and aristocracy in there to aid in her slowly sipping away at your soul. Mmm... Tea is served!!

"There's no need to stand out there in the cold." A sweet voice greets as you step through the threshold of the cottage. Amber eyes stare at you from the far end of the table. "Sit down," she says, "Have some tea..."

You take the cup gingerly, and it glows as its steam rises to your eyes. Taking a long sip, you look back to Dina and see she is grinning over the rim of her cup.

Your visions blurs and starts to fade.

Only the finest may drink at Dina's table.

And you were an unexpected guest.


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