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Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

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So the idea behind the deck is we want to rip cards off the top and surprise our opponents with some big creatures all while Vial drains them.

There's plenty of ramp to set you up to hard cast some of these creature as well, but polymorph effects like Lukka and Shifting Shadow are mostly the ways we want to play these big creatures.

Also cards like See the Unwritten, Genesis Ultimatum, and Mind's Desire, help us get free big creatures with massive effects onto the board at little cost.

Once that's all done you can use cards like Search for Survivors, Reap the Past, and Make a Wish, to continuously get value off of each card you cast.

Overall I got the idea for the decks random theme from the Make a Wish card. You'll be making lots of wishes to blow out your opponents with this deck.


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