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PDH(UB) - The Undead Tide

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My first love in CMR is Araumi. She's perfect.

This deckbuilding contest is about Partners, and that's not Araumi. BUT WE'RE DOING IT ANYWAYS.

OK so the plan is that Ramirez pulls cards out of my graveyard a lot, and Tormod rewards me for that with zombies. There's a lot of self-mill to fill the graveyard. Ramirez can only return cards that have been milled this turn, so the mill is mostly stuff that happens before or during combat. I love Forsaken Drifters but that's not what Ramirez wants here.

Ramirez also returns cards that have been discarded this turn. This makes cards that cycle really good for us. Seven of our lands do this, including Ash Barrens. Gempalm Polluter does this and it's absolutely bonkers good for us, 'cause we can cycle it over and over and over again. And Tormod gives us a bonus Zombie each time! Mental Discipline, Merfolk Looter, and Krovikan Sorcerer also give us cycling-ish options for Ramirez to capitalize on. I'm especially proud of the interaction between Krovikan Sorcerer and Sanitarium Skeleton: You can discard the skeleton to the sorcerer to draw two, discard one. Then use the skeleton to return itself to hand (and make a zombie), and use Ramirez to get the other card back (and make another zombie). It's a bona fide Zombie-making engine.

Once our graveyards are sufficiently full from self-milling and discarding, we can start hitting multiple Tormod triggers each turn by pulling cards out of the graveyard with Flashback, Unearth, and Encore. Dream Twist is great for us, it gets a zombie while dumping more fuel into the graveyard. Coffin Purge just gets us two zombies for one mana. Grixis Slavedriver and First-Sphere Gargantua are great cards by themselves, but they get much better when they also give us bonus zombies. Hopefully we eventually stick a Vengeful Dead or a Shepherd of Rot and we can end some people's life totals.

Mechanically, I love the sweet interactions we have on display here between filling the graveyard and pulling stuff out of the graveyard. It's such a fun resource to play with, and getting extra Zombies as rewards for playing in this space is super fun.

Thematically, I love how many of the zombie cards are intrinsically linked to the graveyard themes. Moan of the Unhallowed, Reap the Seagraf, Gurmag Angler, Dregscape Zombie, Grixis Slavedriver, Rotting Rats... the Zombie theme basically builds itself! Half of these cards I added to the deck purely for their graveyard mechanics, and later realized that they were zombies as well and I needed to go all-in on Cruel Revival, Vengeful Dead, Shepherd of Rot, and Infernal Caretaker. And the interaction between Gempalm Polluter and Ramirez is just exquisite with all these zombies running around everywhere.

That the Zombie Strategy is so thoroughly enabled by a Ghost just brings the whole Undead Tide together. Look out Araumi, you've got competition!


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