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Ojer Kaslem, Deepest Growth

Commander / EDH Mono-Green



Prototype build for Ojer Kaslem.

T1: Setup (Worldly Tutor, Candy Trail, Abundant Harvest, etc.)

T2: Ramp

T3: Ramp, haste enabler (Lightning Greaves, Surrak, the Hunt Caller, etc.) or something like Nightshade Peddler.

T4: Cast Ojer Kaslem, with an extra 1 mana available to protect him with something like Tamiyo's Safekeeping or Tyvar's Stand. If you got the haste enabler down, swing right away.

T5+: Keep swinging with Ojer Kaslem, ideally using him to play things that make him hit harder, like Ancient Bronze Dragon, Zopandrel, Hunger Dominus, and Myojin of Towering Might, or give him deathtouch, like Ohran Frostfang.

Meanwhile, the tutors can grab an answer to most problems. Apex Altisaur for creatures. Terastodon for noncreatures. Haywire Mite for artifacts/enchantments, including Theros gods. Spore Frog for tokens and big boards. Intrepid Paleontologist for graveyard shenanigans. The deck's lower on interaction than I'd like, but we'll see how it goes. The tutors that grab more than one thing will usually grab Genesis and either Spore Frog, Haywire Mite, or Apex Altisaur so you can loop them. You can also loop Sakura-Tribe Elder, or any of the ETB creatures with High Market.


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