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Let's Join the Unity

Commander / EDH BUG (Sultai)


This is my Fallout deck surrounding The Master, Transcendant. The general plan is to give my opponent radiation and steal creatures to join the Unity. Mostly this deck is a self-mill deck but with many backup plans depending on the situation.

The win cons/combos include

Intruder alarm + Altar of the brood - This allows me to tap The Master to steal a creature, untap and continue the mill.

Bloodchief Ascenction/Syr Konrad - Bloodchief is easy to get online due to radition, which can do up to two damage on its own without relying on my opponent to attack. Once either are online, my milling shenanigan's will drain my opponents to death.

Fraying sanity + TOracle - My alternative win con is winning through milling my entire library, which is easier than you would assume. Fraying sanity targeting myself gets me more creatures to recur, and get me to rid of my library. Either recurring Oracle or Labratory maniac wins me the game when winning though advantage is not feasible.

Making a bunch of tokens through mill - I have three ways of creating creature tokens off of mill, to either creature a large number of 2/2 zombies, or 1/1 horrors.


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