Another dumb idea taken to the extreme. Make sure your opponents can't attack you ever because they're too busy being tapped. The ultimate goal of this deck is to just slowly overwhelm your opponent with card and creature advantage because they can't take good trades and to choke them out with Hylda's pretty decent card advantage and token spam. You'll rarely be adding +1/+1 counters unless you're ready to make the killing move to wipe the table. Just utilize her to refuel and to spam out more tokens.

Everything in the deck is pretty much there to be as annoying as possible. You'll tax everything that didn't come with the house. You'll drain opponents with Blind Obedience, you'll use some of the White token doublers to get a small army of 4/4's quickly and you'll use a lot of tools that simply tap things down every single turn to ensure you always have triggers.

Eventually you'll find the opening you need to simply smash face with a horde of 4/4 Ola- ... Elementals and teach your opponent to just let it go.


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