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The purpose of this deck was to create a budget control deck. While it's a bit costly at 150 dollars, it costs less than a standard pokemon deck, and that's saying something. Wait...

The average cost of a standard pokemon deck is 94 dollars. Guess I should start playing pokemon instead.

Anyways, here's a deck.

Deny your opponent's resources! These cards control the opponent and stop them from doing jack! Stop it, Jack.

Archmage's Charm is a Cancel , a Divination , AND can take control of your opponent's Goblin Guide or Monastary Swiftspear to chump block! 4 of in any deck!

Detention Sphere is just in here to save me money, since I already own a copy. You don't necessarily need it, but it can remove Planeswalkers and some aggro decks that dump 4 creatures of the same name.

Doomskar is 1 of 3 foretell cards in this deck. The problem with foretelling Doomskar is your opponent will Saw It Coming . This is why we also have Saw It Coming . Is it a Wipe? Is it a Counterspell ? WHAT IS IT? Haha, you activated my trap card! It's actually a Mirror Force! 1 copy of Doomskar is fine, but this is budget and meta dependant. Wait until this card rotates out of standard.

Fatal Push . Automatic 4-of in this deck, and hits most creatures in modern's typical metagame.

Kaya's Wrath . Many don't put this in their deck because it requires you to play black, and many aren't willing to splash black for a not very good Wrath of God . Plus its strict cost to gain life from destroying your own creatures isn't exactly useful in a creatureless deck. This is why we're playing this in a budget deck. This can later be replaced by Supreme Verdict .

Path to Exile . 4-of. Though you're giving your opponent a land, most decks don't really care too much. Just don't overuse it. There are 3 in this deck because I need to save money.

Saw It Coming is... fine. You need it to bluff Doomskar , that's really it.

Thassa's Intervention is a great counterspell and can dig through your deck. Great in the early game, and late game as well. 2 or 3-of in any budget control deck.

Control needs to keep refilling their hand while bluffing about the fact that they have duds when they draw or find that they have the perfect answer when really they don't have an answer. Or in higher play, you might as well tell the truth. Because they'll think you're lying.

Esper Charm is a Mind Rot , Demystify , and Divination all glued together and improved by making it instant speed and not having to lose too much life. You can respond against Blood Moon , or you can simply disrupt or draw gaining card advantage.

Ob Nixilis Reignited . We'll be talking about the first 2 abilities of Planeswalkers mostly since the game will end fast enough that we'll never be able to use their ultimate. Reignited allows us to draw each turn for the cost of 1 life. He also has creature removal as a -3 ability. Sadly, he requires 5 mana, but a control deck might be able to sustain itself. I don't exactly recommend it for control decks, but it's a good replacement for Teferi, Hero of Dominaria if you aren't planning on getting the new secret lair.

Opt is an automatic 4-of in ALL control decks. It's at instant speed and allows you to scry 1 AND draw a card, making it easier to search for answers.

Serum Visions is in here because... budget. 4-of in a budget deck.

Silundi Vision   is great. I'd put as much as possible in a control deck. In the early game, you can use it as a land, in the late game you can use it as a cantrip if you need to search for answers!

Teferi, Hero of Dominaria . I'd put it in twice if I had the money. New secret lair supporting Black Girls who Code. I used to code. 2-of in non-budget control, but you can replace it with Ob Nixilis Reignited . You lose ramp though.

Teferi, Time Raveler . I already have 1 copy of this bud. Only 1 is needed for control decks. Allows spells to be cast at instant speed and keeps your opponent from doing anything on your turn.

Man Lands: 2 of each Dimir and Azorius man lands. They're decent beat sticks.

Consuming Aberration . I mostly wanted to put this guy into this deck because I really liked Consuming Aberration . It's a good idea to swap him out for Rest in Peace or Ashiok, Dream Render since those eat the graveyard a little too much that they won't leave much for consuming aberation. However, you don't need R.I.P. or Dream Render if you aren't facing Graveyard heavy decks.

These cards will be adjusted according to meta. Here are all of the cards for your sideboard.

Ashiok, Dream Render and Rest in Peace eat at your opponent's graveyard.

Cry of the Carnarium is a board wipe that exiles any creatures sent to the graveyard.

Dispell hits many things. Like the things in the Simic Slaw.

Dovin's Veto or Negate can counter counters or can counter anything annoying.

Duress is hand disruption

Fragmentize is artifact and enchantment removal, something that black has trouble with.

Mystical Dispute is for the mirror match, because blue is the best color in magic.

Spell Snare hits many things. Especially things in the Simic Slaw. Many things.


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