I really love the wrench in the game that Xantcha brings. So I went and built a budget form of her. Everything in this deck is built around her being on the field. Throw her out, clear the field for her to swing, and activate her to drain and draw.

Update: Xantcha has had one night to test run so far. First game I basically got locked out because my friends ran non-creature hate decks and that's exactly what this deck is. Second game I had control of it from the beginning and won with ease because I kept wiping the board for Xantcha to attack. When it became 1v1 I had planned on drawing through her to drain my friend's life, but I drew into Molten Disaster and kicked it for split-second. Game over.

Update: Played with her a second time. She never knocked anyone out with commander damage but she did help my board look emtpy and no one attacked me. In the end I drew off of her consistently and won the game.

Update: Exchanged out some cards including some big burn spells. Wanted to manipulate the game a little more with forced combat.

Update: Play tested all 4 of my decks against each other. It was a very exciting game to be honest. In the end I threw Xantcha out with Mana Geyser and drained the last remaining deck in one swipe. Win for the Sleeper Agent.

Update: Played on again with 2 others. Lost to Feather, the Redeemed. Couldn't stand against voltron for very long.


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