This surprisingly aggressive deck aims to establish early board presence with unblockable rogues that chip away for meager amounts of damage while gaining you value through milling, drawing cards, or other incremental gains. Eventually, you hope to land some synergy card that makes all the minor gains worth...or at least just gives all rogues +1/+1. Zareth San, the Trickster is assigned as the commander to try keeping the deck in line with others in its cycle, but the deck includes a number of other commanders that could be swapped in for variety. Sygg, River Cutthroat and Oona, Queen of the Fae could really take the deck to the next level, but even Anowon, the Ruin Thief would probably be a step up.

Deck Structure

This deck has been built using the 8x8 method. Half the modules fulfill typical functions you'd expect to see in any commander deck, while the other half support the specific themes of this deck.

For every deck, I include a module for ramp, removal, and card draw, preferably filled with cards that align with the deck's theme rather than generic spells that could go in any deck.

  • Ramp for this deck is surprisingly customized, with only a couple "generic" cards. Everything else feeds off or into the deck's synergies.
  • Removal in this deck is pretty soft. Most of it serves the additional purpose of stocking opponents' graveyards, but you will be relying on counterspells and bounce spells for the most part.
  • Card Draw is a little all-or-nothing in this deck. Due to the plethora of cheap creatures, you'll sometimes empty your hand and wonder why you don't have anything left. However, this is a blue-black deck, so other times you are going to have unbelievable card advantage.
  • Fun: This module includes a variety of miscellaneous effects, including the deck's primary commander, some payoffs for milling or attacking with unblockable creatures, and one nifty combo...

The other half of these modules further contribute to the rogues tribal and milling themes.

  1. The Milling (Opponent) module provides ample ways to mill your opponents' libraries. As a budget deck, these effects are a bit more incremental than you'll find in more expensive builds, but that's okay because this deck is not necessarily trying to win via decking. Instead, it just wants opponents' graveyards to be stocked with targets for Zareth, at 8+ cards for "threshold" boons to your rogues, and other benefits.
  2. The Milling (Any/All) module gives additional ways to mill opponents' libraries, but these cards target any player (including yourself). I can see eliminating this suite in a variant build that focuses more on rogues, but I can also see adding in some other alternate commanders that want you to mill your own deck. These are flexible cards, so you can't really go wrong either way.
  3. The Rogues (Milling) module further the milling theme by adding in rogues that help mill your opponents' decks or benefit from milled decks.
  4. The Rogues (Evasion) module includes unblockable rogues and rogues that benefit from your creatures not being blocked. These synergize well with other parts of the deck and contribute to the deck's aggressive feel.


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