Say hello to Medium Red, RDW's/mono-red aggro older more resilient brother and Big Red's more consistent younger sibling. Combining the best from both worlds you get an aggressive deck with some ludicrously explosive starts with big hasty threats. Originally uncovered and brought to the forefront by Victoria's Benjamin Wheeler (Check out his twitch Benjamin_Wheeler for tons of canlander content) this deck has made big splashes in its current meta and opened up the new "medium" archetype and has a ton of viable builds. The build I've listed has excluded some of the soul lands but has instead added cards like Skirk Prospector, Generator Servant and pulled back the curve a touch. Overall the deck is a blast to play and I highly suggest to give it a whirl even if your not an aggro player at heart it can steal wins out of nowhere with one of it explosive hands(e.g. Turn 1 Ancient Tomb + Spirit Guide + Rabblemaster) and win a top deck war like its nobodies business.

Points Mana Crypt-4, Sol Ring-4.


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