This deck is heavily influenced by They'll Catch You On the Flip Side by Wizno. Their deck is the framework that this deck is derived from. I liked the way they built it by building around cards like Manabarbs and Price of Glory to make the Werewolf Transform more viable. If you like my take of their deck, check out their deck as well because theirs is the framework mine is based off of.

I'm fairly new to Commander and Magic in general and have little experience in building decks. This was the first I "built", once again They'll Catch You On the Flip Side by Wizno was used as a framework. The focus is to be Werewolf Tribal, hence inclusion of cards such as Full Moon's Rise and Moonlight Hunt.


Ramp without lands is imperative as the deck relies heavily on slowing the game down through burn, but land ramp is a necessary evil.

Generic Land Ramp

Cultivate and Kodama's Reach - What can I say, it's a deck, with green in it.

Mass-Mana Land Production

Growing Rites of Itlimoc  , Castle Garenbrig, and Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx - Helps to cast creature spells.

Artifact Ramp

Arcane Signet and Sol Ring - We're playing Commander.

The Great Henge - A bit situational because of the potentially high cost but does have the added benefit to apply aloe for those burns.

Creature and Planeswalker Ramp

Conduit of Storms   - Niche because its ramp is tied to combat but hey, ramp.

Klothys, God of Destiny - Dual use: Can be both ramp and burn. Note: Removal is from a graveyard. Does not need to be your graveyard.

Scorned Villager   - Green ramp, 2 if transformed.

Selvala, Heart of the Wilds - Can be used for card draw but mainly for ramp. But especially great to balance the amount of green ramp.

Shaman of Forgotten Ways - Basic double ramp with a neat safety valve ability.

Ulvenwald Captive   - Green ramp, 2 colorless if transformed.

Xenagos, the Reveler - Inclusion is to get ramp or cheat creatures and lands.

To help with card cheat because most of it involves cheating from the handing, drawing becomes an important part of the strategy of the deck.

Hermit of the Natterknolls   - Draw when ever an opponent casts a spell, x2 if transformed.

Neyith of the Dire Hunt - Can draw whenever a creature fights or is blocked. Allowing chances of unblocked attacks if opponents don't want you to draw.

Sage of Ancient Lore   - Draw when it enters the battlefield, also its power and toughness are tied to the number of cards in you hand or everyone's hand when transformed.

Selvala, Heart of the Wilds - Honestly mostly used for ramp. Can be a double edged sword since all players can draw if they are the ones that put the most powerful creature onto the battlefield. Extremely rough when playing against big dumb monsters or thicc boi beatsticks.

Werewolf Pack Leader - Again, card draw through combat.

Some permanents can hurt greatly due to the fragility of the deck. So making sure to remove cards that prevent the deck from working at a desired level is paramount.

Targeted Removal

Beast Within - Remove any permanent at instant speed.

Chaos Warp - Doesn't destroy, but does temporarily remove a problem.

Force of Vigor - Circumvents the negative of Citadel of Pain.

Strip Mine - Other than dual lands, there are a lot of land cards that can be a win condition.

Afflicted Deserter   - Can only remove an artifact when it transforms.

Mass Removal

Blasphemous Act - Helps remove larger threats that can be alleviated by our cheats.

Vandalblast - A target or a mass artifact removal without the removal of your own artifacts.


Daybreak Ranger   - One red mana to fight any creature.

Master of the Wild Hunt - All Wolves fight target creature.

Moonlight Hunt - Wolves and Werewolves deals combined power to creature, but does not fight it.

Ulrich of the Krallenhorde   - Similar to Afflicted Deserter  , only fights when it transforms.

To circumvent the janky Werewolf transforming mechanic, the deck is intended to prevent/dissuade opponents from casting spells. This primarily is done through passive burns and land manipulation.

Spell Cast Burn

Ruric Thar, the Unbowed - Ruric Thar, the Unbowed entire purpose is to force the opponent to beat you in combat especially towards the late game when life points will be lower. With the amount of support in the deck it can be tough for them to do, but be weary of big dumb creature decks.

Cindervines - Similar to Ruric Thar, the Unbowed being less effective but with a bonus of the flexibility to remove artifact or enchantment.

Manabarbs - The purest burn. Tap a land for mana, receive 1 damage per land tapped for mana not per mana. Simple.

Price of Glory - Probably the saltiest card in the deck. Great to help have a turn to transform, prevent an opponent from pressing an advantage, and force an opponent to think more strategically when spell casting and punish for inefficiencies.

Spellshock - Can be used to create separation or can be used to prevent opponents from comboing off.

Mondronen Shaman   - When transformed, has the same benefit as Spellshock.

Board Control

Tectonic Instability - Mean. Slows games. And can become Hell on Earth if land destruction is used.

Ward of Bones - Use is primarily to help prevent opponents from getting a permanents advantage especially since this is not a token focused deck. Also can help catch up if behind at the cost of a slower game.

Creature cheat is extremely important to make this deck viable. It is absolutely needed to cheat creatures out without casting combined with aforementioned burn to make sure Werewolves remain transformed to get as much use out of them. Some cheat cards include the word cast; these cannot be used due to the word cast being used in text of Werewolf transform. So even though you did not use mana, you did cast a spell.

Creature Cheat Creatures

Duskwatch Recruiter   - Not necessarily a cheat but does work with other cheats by putting creatures into your hand.

Elvish Piper - A little costly but worth by only needing to pay one green for any creature. Great synergy with Kodama of the East Tree.

Kodama of the East Tree - More costly than Elvish Piper but has the added benefit of flexibility as it works with any permanent.

Realmwalker - Does have the word cast but can help scout cards and use in desperation if used in tandem with Vedalken Orrery.

Spell Creature Cheat

Worldly Tutor and Sylvan Tutor - Creature Fetch.

Court of Bounty - What's better than one annoying mechanic to work around, two mechanics. At least you can put a land on with or without the monarchy.

Aether Vial - Can't be used turn one but with planning can generate the most value than any other card in the deck

Finally this is just random support that is meant to tie together the tribe.

Generic Support

Geier Reach Bandit   - The second most important card in the deck when transformed. It allows ANY Werewolf to transform when it enters the battlefield, including the mana expensive Eldrazi Werewolves.

Nylea, God of the Hunt - A God card that gives trample. That's it.

card:Veldalken Orrery - Non-land cards get flash.

Moonmist - An instant that negates combat damage AND it transforms all Humans.

Waxing Moon - Transform a card, that's it. Oh and Werewolves get trample for the turn.

Rhythm of the Wild - Creatures get haste or a +1/+1. Primarily used to give haste.


Immerwolf - The. Single. Most. Important. Card. In. The. Deck. Wolves and Werewolves get a +1/+1, o.k. but that's not the important part. Immerwolf prevents non-human creatures from transforming, Werewolves when they transform lose the Human creature subtype. Ergo when a Human Werewolf transforms to its transformed side, Immerwolf prevents the card from transforming back allowing you to cast more than 0 or 1 spell a turn. This card combos perfectly with Elvish Piper + Geier Reach Bandit + Kodama of the East Tree . Just be weary that Eldrazi Werewolves don't have the sub-type Human, so even if you can pay the ability mana cost to transform it, it can't.

Full Moon's Rise - Werewolves have +1/+0 and trample. Also it can be sacrificed to regenerate all Werewolf creatures.

Howlpack Resurgence - Werewolves and Wolves get +1/+1 and have trample.

Mayor of Avabruck   - Humans get +1/+1, but when transformed Wolves and Werewolves get +1/+1 and create a 2/2 G Wolf Token at the end phase.

Nightpack Ambusher - Mayor of Avabruck   but doesn't need to be transformed.


Breakneck Rider   - Attacking creatures have +1/+0 and have Trample.

Instigator Gang   - Attacking creatures have +1/+0, when transformed is +3/+0.


Some cards create tokens. This is not the focus of the deck and therefore is just a side affect of other cards. Each card has some other function that ties to the theme of the deck. These include: Huntmaster of the Fells  , Master of the Wild Hunt, Mayor of Avabruck  , and Nightpack Ambusher.

Any and all critiques, recommendations, and suggestions are welcome.

Aimed for Power Level ~6/10.


This deck is not focused on producing wolf tokens despite inclusion of Master of the Wild Hunt.


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