Nissa's Encouragement

Nissa's Encouragement


Search your library and graveyard for a card named Forest, a card named Brambleweft Behemoth, and a card named Nissa, Genesis Mage. Reveal those cards, put them into your hand, then shuffle your library.

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Nissa's Encouragement Discussion

Jedne2 on Omnath

1 year ago

I'd suggest removing these cards:

Brambleweft Behemoth - It's a 6/6 for 6 with trample, yes it's an elemental but there are far better ones, especially for 6 mana.

Drove of Elves for 4 mana, you'd want something stronger than this, it's not an elemental, and the only real upside is that it has hexproof.

Nissa's Encouragement It's not really worth to have, considering that the cards it gets you aren't that great.

Nissa, Genesis Mage there are better nissa walkers out there

I'd suggest these cards:

Ashling the Pilgrim you can build up a boardwipe, and with omnath triggers, you could easily kill everyone.

Briarhorn gives you either a 3/3 blocker with +3/+3 on target creature for a combat trick, or you can evoke it, get the +3/+3 anyways and then you get to deal damage with Omnath.

Brighthearth Banneret makes your ele's cheaper

Fertilid 2 land for 3 + 4 mana instant speed fetch too.

Flamekin Harbinger topdeck Eletutor for 1 mana. Really recommend this card, plus elemental decks are the only decks which can really run this.

Greenwarden of Murasa It's effectively a big, double eternal witness.

Incandescent Soulstroke lets you cheat out an elemental which then gets sacrificed later.

Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar gives you ways to return lands to your hand for more landfall triggers.

Skullmulcher gives some card draw.

Soul of the Harvest I know it doesn't work with all the tokens you make, buuuut it does give draw.

Undergrowth Champion gives you a nigh indestructible blocker so you can go wild with your attacks.

Walker of the Grove gives you a 4/4 ele when it leaves the battlefield.

Akoum Stonewaker gives you a 3 mana Spark Elemental on landfall.

Budoka Gardener gives you extra land draws/elemental generation

Rakka Mar makes Spark Elemental tokens

Chandra, Flamecaller gives you two Spark Elemental per +1 plus gives you a wheel effect with 0 ability.

Flamekin Village gives a creature trample, and is an ele land

Primal Beyond is also an elemental land.

Raging Ravine is also an elemental land

Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip fetches a land, plus the walker is nice for landfall.

Skarrg Guildmage makes a land 4/4 for 3 mana

Waker of the Wilds does the same thing.

Cinder Glade, Sheltered Thicket, Stomping Ground are all mountain forests and can be fetched.

Vivien Reid gives some nice card draw.

Animist's Awakening with the amount of ramp you have, you could easily have a massive awakening.

Chord of Calling is a pretty good tutor in green.

Khalni Heart Expedition Gives you moooooore ramp, but more importantly, double landfall triggers at instant speed.

Crop Rotation is an instant speed landfall.

Harrow more instant speed landfall.

Perilous Forays Sacrifice your free landfall elementals for 1 misc, get a tapped basic, and another elemental.

Sakura-Tribe Elder for more instant speed landfall.

Scapeshift gives so many landfall triggers its a fantastic card in this deck. Extra props if it's paired with The Mending of Dominaria

Tireless Tracker gives you 2 mana card draw for landfall.


Embodiment of Fury + Embodiment of Insight if you want to go down an awaken line, this card may be interesting.

You could also go down the land destruction line with Faultgrinder Ember Swallower

Forgotten Ancient can be a real all star when buffing up your board.

Grave Sifter could be a nice include to let you replay elementals, but considering that people are bringing tribal decks, maybe not.

Elemental Mastery makes 1/1 tokens, but to get the real bang for its buck, you'll need to sacrifice the tokens to Ashnod's Altar

If you went down the burn route, Hostility would be a fun card.

Rite of the Raging Storm is a pretty fun card in multiplayer.

Sylvan Awakening is okay, and pretty funny to kill someone with 2/2 lands.

Eternity Vessel Can make you live forever

Indomitable Creativity you can destroy your own elementals to get other creatures.

Kamahl's Druidic Vow upside is that you can get heaps of lands, downside is that you don't have /that/ many legendary permanents.

Constant Mists will protect you from damage all the damn time.

If you wanna be super mean, Tectonic Break to destroy everyone's lands, except that you'd have way more lands out than anyone else. Boom // Bust Destructive Force Devastating Dreams From the Ashes Thoughts of Ruin Tremble Wildfire

Nerthus_Jord on

2 years ago

If you wanted a bit more variety with your white/green non-basic Lands, you could try: Tranquil Expanse, Stirring Wildwood, Sunpetal Grove, and Temple of Plenty

Continuing on the Elf theme, Nissa's Encouragement helps you dig out Nissa, Genesis Mage + Brambleweft Behemoth + Forest from your library.

ennygima on

2 years ago

Thanks for the feedback-- I'm building just with cards that I own and have pulled from boosters. I noticed that I actually do have 2 copies of Scaled Behemoth, and so Accomplished Automaton has been removed in its favor. I also replaced Ancient Brontodon with another Greater Sandwurm. I do want to keep the Nissa's Encouragement along with the brambleweft and Nissa herself, because I believe that the sorcery there can help me keep my hand at 7 in case of Kefnet the Mindful being out, as well as being able to return Nissa from the graveyard to my hand. Brambleweft Behemoth is present in one copy simply because Nissa's Encouragement searches for it, and I believe the sup-optimal-ness of the card is made up for by the fact that it's a 6/6 that I have two searches for and can also return from the graveyard.

Red_X on

2 years ago

You have a good start, but there's some sub-optimal cards in here. I am assuming this is a budget deck, but there are still some strong options at lower price points. Feral Prowler, Brambleweft Behemoth, Accomplished Automaton, Ancient Brontodon, Nissa's Encouragement, and Nissa, Genesis Mage are all cards that are either sub-optimal, too slow, or just don't fit the deck. Some better options for payoffs that are still cheap would be Thundering Spineback, Sifter Wurm, and Scaled Behemoth, while some better enablers would be Spring / Mind and Beneath the Sands. Hour of Promise would also be a good addition, but you would have to switch up your mana base to include a healthy number of desserts. You could also make the deck better with better payoffs if you wanted to spend more money, but you can easily keep the deck under $15-20 and still be useable.

multimedia on A Potential brew I need ...

2 years ago

Consider Nissa's Encouragement and Brambleweft Behemoth? Brambleweft is not the best, but Encouragement can tutor for it. It's still a 6/6 trample creature for six mana. Being able to tutor for three different cards including Nissa even from the graveyard for five mana is good.

Gift of Paradise can help to ramp, gain some life and the enchanted land can be untapped with Nissa to make additional mana. Vizier of Tumbling Sands can also be good with Nissa and Gift.

For cheap removal there's bounce options: Unsummon and Winds of Rebuke which conveniently has synergy with Encouragement. Baral's Expertise is a fine mass bounce spell. Rishkar's Expertise could be good with Brambleweft; letting you possibly draw and cast Encouragement for free.

DustofFalana on Nissa, Genesis Mage HOD

2 years ago

Fun suggestion, if I had the cards. I'm keeping this deck accurate to the deck I have IRL. I'll put those into the aqquireboard. I definitely want the 4 Nissa's Encouragement.

multimedia on Nissa, Genesis Mage HOD

2 years ago

Hey, consider more 2 drop creature ramp? Druid of the Cowl or Naga Vitalist along with Avid Reclaimer can help to ramp into Nissa's Encouragement and/or Brambleweft or Nissa herself. Believe it or not Encouragement is the best card in the deck because it can tutor for three different cards and put them all in your hand. If you have more Encouragement add them, I would play it as a 4 of here. More Encouragement will also help if Nissa or Brambleweft is killed because it can tutor for either from the graveyard.

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