Lightning-Rig Crew


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Uncommon

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Lightning-Rig Crew

Creature — Goblin Pirate

Tap: Lightning-Rig Crew deals 1 damage to each opponent.

Whenever you cast a Pirate spell, untap Lightning-Rig Crew.

Lightning-Rig Crew Discussion

MeetTheMayhem on Admiral Beckett Brass

6 months ago

I thought I would comment as I also chose a Pirate Tribal deck as my first EDH deck which I built about 4 months ago Pirate Tribal Final. It took me some time to work out what direction I wanted to go in with the deck, being Grixis, a preference to one or two colours seemed sensible. Also, pirates are sneaky and like treasure and stealing, right?

I chose to focus on Blue, using evasive abilities to enable me to sneak pirates past blockers, gaining benefits such as card draw from Bident of Thassa and steal the permanents of my opponents with Admiral Beckett Brass . I also went for a treasure subtheme, using cards such as Revel in Riches , Brass's Bounty and Mechanised Production to rapidly generate treasures, either as win-cons or for high-cost spells such as Insurrection or Kindred Dominance .

At the moment, your deck is about equally balanced between all three colours, with limited mana fixing (which treasures would help with), therefore you might stall early by drawing the wrong combination of colours. I would maybe try and lean a bit on one subtheme/colour, more than the rest. Also, you have a number of weak cards in the deck at the moment, Lightning-Rig Crew , Wily Goblin , Sentinel Totem , Smelt , Act of Treason , Fevered Visions , Navigator's Ruin , Raiders' Wake etc. to name a few. Additionally, you use a lot of cards to tap opponents creatures, rather than making yours evasive/unblockable. Many of those cards aren't providing sufficient power to justify their inclusion.

TLDR: I think you are trying to do too much and therefore your deck is spread too thin in important areas. I would pick a specific game plan and build around it.

NoopyNolife on Pizard Tribal Burn

8 months ago

I'm heavily unsure about Lightning-Rig Crew . It would be so much more pleasant if it could target creatures as well. The card does good stuff but it's very slow.

Captain Lannery Storm is a beast, she's a 3 drop that, when following up Warkite Marauder will allow for a Lightning Bolt or [[]] shock in the same turn. However, she does not synergise very well with Dowsing Dagger  Flip's plant tokens.

To solve both problems, I have tried Fiery Cannonade . It's amazing against token decks and it clears Lannery's way, but against anything else it is usually disappointing. That said, so is Lightning-Rig Crew .

Any idea's anyone?

ThePhantomOfTheOrzhov on

1 year ago

@j_spencer93 There has been a multitude of situations where having a Fanatical Firebrand and not a Lightning-Rig Crew was beneficial. Thanks for the suggestions, though.

@fettywapmtg I feel like Flame of Keld isn't necessary. I actually got this idea from a player at my LGS, and he has cast Banefire for x=19 once. You're probably right about having a full set of Chainwhirlers and moving Detection Tower and Field of Ruin to the sideboard. Thanks for the suggestions.

@Ugin5789 You're welcome!

@Dragonman39 I'm considering Rigging Runner as a sideboard card when I need to be more agressive. I think I'll take out Wily Goblin for Legion Warboss. Thanks for the suggestions.

fettywapmtg on

1 year ago

Lightning-Rig Crew is MAAYBE a 2-of in the sideboard, but honestly you're better off disregarding that suggestion entirely (unless you go full-on pirate-goblin mode).

I also feel like Detection Tower and Field of Ruin disrupts the consistency just a bit, especially because you should absolutely I'd run a full playset of Goblin Chainwhirler (It's considered by most to be the best card in the format, and that's WITHOUT goblin synergy). Consider dropping a copy of one or both of them, and adding it to the sideboard when you adjust the curve, or need to deal with Vine Mare or messing with some multi-colored mana source decks or whatever.

The card I first recommend to you that isn't in this already in the deck, is The Flame of Keld. This card has already proven itself in the current standard format, and is particularly synergetic with Siege-Gang Commander, Fanatical Firebrand, Goblin Chainwhirler, and even Lightning-Rig Crew if you listen to these clowns in your comment section.

ThePhantomOfTheOrzhov on

1 year ago

@elvishimpersonator I considered both of those. Rigging Runner might make it into the sideboard, and Lightning-Rig Crew seems too slow.

elvishimpersonator on

1 year ago

Rigging Runner and Lightning-Rig Crew would both be good here. lightning-rig is a great blocker that can deal damage every turn on their end step or before you play every pirate, right now you have 6

SpaghettiKnife on Bloody Black Sails

1 year ago

Thanks for the suggestions! Fanatical Firebrand is one I've considered in place of Rigging Runner, and it's definitely better than the runner on turn 1, but every turn after that it's significantly worse due to it's inability to crew Fell Flagship. If I need to lower the mana curve later, it's definitely the first card I would add. Lightning-Rig Crew is an interesting card, but I think it's a bit slow for this deck. It would probably feel more at-home in an Izzet or Grixis tempo list, but if Goblin Chainwhirler starts dropping in play and token strategies start to come back, I can see it being an excellent sideboard option.

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