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Walls, and those who hide behind

Commander / EDH* Mono-Red Proliferate Wall



Planewalkers doing damage over walls!

A Chandra based planeswalker deck. Have avoided some Chandra that are too focused on instant/sorcery in favour of damage and play from exile. Walls keep the mana curve low and can be discarded or exiled for damage, some have reach and Silent Arbiter to restrict creature usefulness.

Using damage doubles Solphim, Mayhem Dominus, Angrath's Marauders and additions like Torbran, Thane of Red Fell with min requirements of red non-combat planeswalker damage. Has couple Stop players gaining life to keep the pressure.

Board wipe is Nevinyrral's Disk as it leaves planewalkers on the field.

Still to refine

  • Cheaper and earlier mana ramp or is ramp from planeswalker abilities enough.
  • Card draw or is the exile play from planeswalker abilities enough?
  • maybe remove Castle Embereth for regular land


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